Bear child to more than 30 cars sprayed red paint, but the parents said: ThIs thing Is not serious, just some money?

Most men Will probably have a sleep, it Is hoped’ll live to own a Car. Whether or not you like that as long as love. Choose a Car like the election hIs wife Is as important for men Is concerned. The Car Is also a symbol of a man’s status and dignity. Once the Car out of trouble, most suffer hIs heart Is right, just as a knife.

If and when you see their Car scratched by others or by spray paint, can accept the apology and the other Is to accept responsibility for the Car in the end. But Xiao Bian today to talk to you about the event Is about to engage bear children even if someone else’s Car, and did not expect their parents to answer more people feel speechless. How matter in the end, we look at it together.

Recently, Xiao Bian understand what happened in Chongqing. Local inherent in a dIstrict day of the incident was thinking of going out side start their own Car ready to reverse. Just then found a reversing camera appears to be a problem, when a query to get off, and he was taken aback, camera and location of the license plate of the Car Is actually sprayed red paint. After the owners of the group spread the message they have to quickly check their vehicles.

Some owners seem worse luck, their Car camera was actually pull out. After monitoring inquiry, I found to be the owners of two children. Reporters telephone contact to which the parents of a child, the other said: some Cars are spray a little, but fortunately, it Is not very serious. Just use gasoline to wash it.

The parents also said that if they do not want to wash, to wash him he could accept. If the person Is going to the repair shop to repair it, repair how much money I took to him. By the time we two shared equally on it, just some money, as long as the child Is not a crime not serious.

clean up the paint and repair costs are not a small sum, the current owners and the child’s parents how to deal with the Issue still failed to reach agreement. Xiao Bian said: recommendations cell vehicles are painted owners, collectively find the insurance department of the damaged parts of the body were firm to assess the damage, the damage to get the report immediately after the results, note thatCollective report, not a single people to apply.