Battery Repair – electric vehicles ordinary self-maintenance and maintenance methods

old was asked maintenance and repair. Today write about. Battery protection for battery maintenance support maintenance, personally think that there are the following:

battery maintenance

1, or maintenance by the user, but users rarely know the battery to maintenance. Furthermore, the use of models and set up, there Is also harder to let the battery maintenance. For example: a large battery mounted on a modified pull Cargo tricycles for small battery mounted on the two Is also used to pull the goods, so long battery dIscharges a large battery, easily lead to the positive paste and the lead grid plate separation, resulting in decreased capacity .

Battery Maintenance

2, the user’s daily use : every time the power Will not ride finIshed, 70% of the charge and dIscharge can go back Is better, of course, some users also had to run out before the full charge can not be too frequently, some users charge every day, the battery in the float also loss of oxygen evolution and micro (battery electric vehicle battery Is lean solution), of course, thIs loss Is insignificant amounts, but for many years accumulated, also a lot of water loss, water loss more, the internal resIstance Will cause rIses, the lamp does not turn the charger charge end, eventually deform the battery, it Is often said, but the battery Is not charged with bad bad.

battery repair Technical Training

3, Maintenance: only to a professional repair shop for maintenance, maintenance generally meant to supplement the electrolyte, time enough, you can do a full battery dIscharge, dIscharge after use with Car charger Is fully charged, and then the charger or professional instrument repair small current overcharge, can improve the battery capacity (but with a long time of the battery, the overcharge current Is smaller, the charged amount Is not too much) current too much, the positive plate Is easy powder drop caused by cell micro-short circuit, Which words thIs battery Is maintained after you spent a month or so users Will not succeed.