Basic knowledge of car tires

over the years, extensive application of new materials, new processes, new technologies, promote the rapid development of Automotive tire technology. Below thIs poem Is a new experience of tire technology.

so that action infinitely smooth,

Is playing a more stable superior design;

make driving more peace of mind,

Is extraordinary handling characterIstics superior performance.

continued deep study of the tire to create technological change,

Innovative nano-scale design,

giving The new driving enjoyment.

(the ISO represents Example)

195 denotes a width of the tire Is 195mm,

60 represents a flat rate%, the tire section height / section width * 100

R radial structure represented by

15 Is the rim diameter (inch) commonly known, steel diameter

88 load index

V speed notation

the arc section design of the involute curve,

sidewall make more robust and improve run-flat performance

implement tire weight,

enhance the driving comfort.

further advanced high-performance

having a smooth braking and driving,

from the street to the track,

experience the passion of Quchi fun.

consIsts of four tiresLayers: a layer of rubber, the Carcass layer.

two or more strong nylon Carcass reinforcing structure designed,

effective to inhibit the energy loss generated during traveling,

to achieve superior high-speed handling.

The Carcass reinforcing structure so that the tire contacts the road surface,

The ground pressure dIstribution to the shoulder,

fully optimize the shape of the ground,

make handling even easier.

Tire production time:

19 represents a 2020

22 represents the first 22 weeks.

production number engraved on the tire. After

After the manufacturing number 2000 4 digits (Example 1215) identify the manufacturer of weeks.

represents the first two digits 12 weeks (12 weeks),


15 represents a two-digit year (2015).

1999 manufacturer’s serial number in the previous

After three (Example 159) showing production of weeks.

the first two digits 15 indicate week (Week 15),

represents the last digit of 9 years (1999).

(adapted from “Roc tire firm Dunlop Tires”)