Bad car Will certainly return 4S shop maintenance? Roadside repair shop really do not fly?

Due to thIs design problem Is much too broad, so here it wrote some of the points we look at it. In fact, many people’s view Is that the price of repair works Will be ideal, but the most important reason Is cheap, but also the maintenance of the quality level of the late really can not be guaranteed. And if the new Car, then you better not go, at least wait outside the warranty period and then go on a lot of good Will.

In fact, from another point of view also illustrates a problem that if you love your Car. If in fact it does not matter where on the Car can be built, there Will be no vehicle on the above considerations. Of course, Is where cheap, where a number of repair, but if the Car’s junior partner I guess then you also Will go 4S shop where the maintenance of it, of course, if their homes except for relatives or friends also do repairs.

In fact, there Is a view that if the Car Is under the kind of circumstances of the accident, if you go or go to the insurance program 4S shop maintenance. At least 4S shop Will not mess repair or replace a lot of things that are not repaired, of course if you want to go, then the insurance or could not walk, I also suggest you fly directly to find a repair shop to go, anyway, I see scale repair works of bigger and more reliable, or not so off to people.

In fact, there Is a view that if the Cars are small problems, such as small wiper ah, ah replacement brake pads, etc. the class Is entirely possible to find a repair shop to get. Is such a big problem if the engine failure, or a gearbox failure we still recommend to the 4S shop insurance comparIson

In fact, there Is a problem Is the location of many 4S shops are very far, we drove past what should be a long time. The repair shop does a lot and easy to find, even if we have to wait a few days to go back to their own taxi or something. Then there Is the small problem if the plant should fly to repair, do not select a roadside shop that really do not fly, there Is insurance may go away insurance.

In fact, here illustrates the case you Will understandFor example, you go to the 4S shop to replace the oil price must be higher than the repair shop but also costs billable hours, at the repair shop Is not the case. Then there Is virtually maintenance 4S can be understood Is to replace, so the price Is high not only for all the bad things. If so, we can all go to open a repair shop anyway, the bad new ones directly on it. Big deal directly get a new vehicle repaired, so here Is how I believe you knew.