Automotive these problems do not panic, do not repair, repair shops do not be fooled!

Although the complex structure of the Car, a lot of items are also very fine, but the overall reliability can still be pricey, and not said to have been a total failure. In addition to some of the more common small Car problem, you may have been mIstaken for a malfunction, these phenomena are not actually used for repair, brakes are ferrous materials, plus the Car open for long, long time down the surface there Will inevitably be more or less rust.

Automotive transmIssion gear appears impact sound, sound gear clash occurs, problem description: the clutch pedal depressed amount Is small, when the support profile unpleasant, sometimes there Will be sound when hanging gear impact, solution: some Cars are using the clutch cable style. As Will appear after a period gradually decreases the clutch pedal, the clutch feeling short stroke, when the in-gear unpleasant, and sometimes a sound when the in-gear gear clash. ThIs Is because the cable adjusting lock nut Is fixed with the increasing number of clutch pedal, the Automatic rotation of the screw caused. ThIs Is not a fault, with a little rotation of the lock nut Is fixed on it.

engine burning oil, burning oil when it comes to thIs matter, we think Audi Is certainly a lot of people are laughing, in fact, Audi gasoline and oil to powered Car, but not the only Audi Cars Will happen, including Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz and BMW, all these problems have appeared, and thIs failure, because the gap among the oil down into the engine cylinder, and thIs failure Is often a common problem, hIs presence would mean the engine programs and the use of materials there Is a problem. German Cars engine cylinder wall, although it looks very smooth, but actually under the microscope, Is full of gaps, so thIs Is not fix the problem.

can not start the Car after the ignition, some Car owners forget to hang P file, in the case of hanging in the D range and died away. Some Cars in order to ensure security in the state of the D range can not be started. Because the consequences if they did not know, hanging in the D position after ignition to start the Car Will have their own advancement, caused unimaginable. If you suddenly can not start the Car, check its range under the bar! After engagement of P can be restored when it! Automotive these problems do not panic, do not repair, do notBeen fooled repair shop!