Automotive summer air conditioning Is fuel? Old drivers to teach you to do so, easy oil money in general Province

by Car in the summer heat, air conditioning for every owner Is indIspensable. Then you may know that the Car while the air conditioning Is also particularly fuel? So how to use the most fuel-efficient air conditioning was it? Next Xiaobian to introduce a few open air and can reduce both the fuel consumption of a small coup.

1, do Car exposure

summer Car parked too long in the open, closed driving room temperature up to 60 to 70 degrees, upholstery in high temperature environment likely to emit toxic gases, if immediately turn on the air not only affects physical health, but also increase the burden on the engine, fuel consumption Will inevitable, even It can damage the engine. So when the Car starts, do not immediately open air, you should open the windows and doors for ventilation, about 2 minutes and then close the window to open the air conditioning, you Will find that the cooling effect Is particularly good. Small advice Car owners friend, Parking try to avoid exposure, if not the best preparation to avoid a awning.

2, air conditioning do not in most low temperature

Many Car owners in order to accelerate the cooling effect , often the Car air-conditioning temperature Is set to the lowest temperature. ThIs approach can radically increase fuel consumption, air-conditioning pump and blower equipment running non-stop, but also detrimental to the health of the owner, normally set at 25 degrees.

3, switch air conditioning have tips

while driving, do not immediately open air, We should wait for a period of time the Car ignition off and on, because the engine Is cold working conditions so open air Will increase the engine load and engine wear not only the cost of oil. Air conditioning midfielder Car window open, the first Car ventilation in the closed window. Because in the hot summer cabin in a confined environment temperature up to 60-70 degrees, in which case the vehicle interior Is easy to emit poIsonous gases. So should ventilation, driving in a closed Car window.

4, do not use too many Automotive battery

fever lot of amazing power equipment, and some even more than 1KW (you know, the power consumption of the air conditioning compressor small Car was only 1.5KW), and the power they consume Will eventually be converted into fuel consumption of the engine. By the same token, if the Car Is equipped with a plethora of electrical equipment, such as refrigerators, televIsion, electric heated seats, and often use the Car’s fuel consumption Will increase.