Automotive serpentine belt replacement tool only a small amount, but still sent to the repair shop maintenance easier way!

Hello everybody, Automobile parts often wear, if the range beyond normal wear and tear, Will be replaced. The Car in the serpentine belt, also known as the auxiliary drive belt, sometimes need to be replaced. ThIs serpentine belt on the engine for a number of accessories, including the alternator, power steering pump, air conditioning compressor, and even some types of pumps. Depending on the manufacturer’s recommended inspection and replacement between 100,000 km to 15 km. Serpentine belt gauge used to measure the belts for wear and determine whether you need to replace the belt. However, whenever if signs of cracking occurs, the belt should be replaced.

manufacture and model of Car and level of difficulty belt installation are very relevant, and therefore the belt styles and any special tools are required for installation may be because different models vary. To replace the serpentine belt, and need to remove the protective cover closed bottom panel, and even the mechanical parts and accessories, to enable access to the belt and a tension pulley. So the following content as applicable to the general procedure of most vehicles, but also a bit difficult, so it Is more convenient to replace the repair shop. When replacement may need to use a jack and jack stands to support the vehicle. Parts and tools needed for new serpentine belt, wrench, socket wrench, screwdriver.

both in the Car before performing any service should follow some basic safety precautions. While thIs work does not need a lot of tools, but be sure to use the right tools to prevent harm to themselves or Car. If you need to lift the vehicle from the ground to find the serpentine belt Put the vehicle on a solid, flat surface and set the parking brake. Placing a wheel chock block or behind the rear of the tire to prevent slipping when the vehicle off the ground. First, find the serpentine belt to the wiring pattern, the wiring pattern serpentine belt Is typically located on the engine compartment label. If you can not find there, you can look through the repair manual before removing the belt, be sure to understand the wiring order.

for holding the belt tensioner on the belt tension, it remains in contact with the pulley. The Automatic tensioner using hexagonal head socket wrench can be used to alleviate the spring tension on the belt. Automatic tensioner alsoHave square hole, the wrench can be inserted into the pulley holder. Automatic tensioning wheel on the vehicle easier to use some special tool drive serpentine belt. Manual tensioner having a helical fasteners need to be rotated to release the belt tension. Before turning the bolt tensioner, it Is necessary to loosen the locking bolt in place of the tensioner. And determine what parts need to be removed before entering the vehicle serpentine belt and a tension wheel area. First remove the front wheel, and the associated underbody or any accessories may interfere with the tension pulley belt pulley.

must first lift and support the vehicle, be sure to use a jack and jack stands, while some drivers Will use the jack, put in a Car below tire jack to prevent the accident. Then remove the shroud Is in contact with the lower pulley, remove the shield, to find the position of a serpentine belt and belt tensioner. Socket wrench (or serpentine belt tool) rotation of the belt tensioner, the belt slack, so that it can slide from one or more pulleys, loosen and remove the belt tensioner from the vehicle. When removing the belt, make sure your fingers away from potential pinch points, to avoid being clamped to the other should wear gloves before Carrying out any repairs. If the tool from slipping off the tensioner, it might pinch your fingers between the belt and pulley.

After fend off the belt, each pulley rotated by hand to ensure that they are not binding, nor should swing around the pulley. Check the old belt back, you may find cracks and wear of V-shaped grooves. The length of the relatively new serpentine belt and the old belt, though worn belt Will be slightly stretched, but the length of the belt should be no significant difference. The next step Is installing a new belt, according to the position on the wiring pattern, the new belt in place. If the vehicle has an Automatic tensioner, then the belt Is wound on all except a belt pulley, socket wrench (or serpentine belt tool) rotates the tensioner and the belt pulley on the finIshed slide. If the tensioner manually, before tightening the tensioning bolts on all around the belt pulley, so Will not be much of a deflection in the center of the longest.

Once in place the belt do not know, it Is sure that all the pulleys in centered position, and then re-install any accessory or cover Is removed. Check to make sure that the front area of ​​the engine can be seen clearly, and thenAfter starting the vehicle. Look Carefully at whether the belt Is properly aligned, then lower the vehicle. After installing the belt, any accessory installation has been removed, that Is, guard and wheels. Before driving Carefully try, in any case, thIs belt tension Is still quite large, replace it may need a bit of effort, but not easy to remember and cable alignment, requires a lot of patience, so the driver has understand it, or go to a regular repair shop to replace, and different Car needed serpentine belt length may also vary.