Automotive said: 4S shop maintenance different post actually a few million!

a shady: deputy factory original charge, defective charge authentic

a number of Auto parts brands uneven texture makes it difficult to identify the authenticity. Many owners paste directly into the face of Auto parts when the brain. If you encounter thIs time performing businesses, with lower prices act as original pieces deputy plant parts with defective act as genuine I believe most people are unable to dIscern. Even some men have some mechanical knowledge of the owners, I believe that in the short term it Is difficult to dIstinguIsh between true and false and quality accessories.

adopted piecemeal: complete information purchase, with warranty accessories

Although want to escape thIs trap Is very difficult, but we can still try to avoid. Owners of friends attention to sources of information and warranty information on the accessories when choosing accessories.

If there Is a problem Is not in the purchase of Car parts factory, all parts used in the Car factory Car factory are affixed with the exclusive two-dimensional code, can be achieved through the scan code accessories traceable to view the parts supplier information, purchase date, security code and other information, and support Genius, lift owners repair worries.

Inside Story II: fuss more charges, not only for repair big money

easy to understand that in fact, unscrupulous businessmen the $ 300 small problems are said to be 3,000 yuan a big problem, so you do not need to spend some money, and derive profits. For the repair of Car owners, although the end result Is achieved, but for nothing more spent so much money, but also the very heart plug.

or only a small part needs to be replaced, but unscrupulous businessmen might say temporarily buy thIs accessory, so if you do not like, then you need to replace the entire unit, which also it means that the rapid increase in maintenance costs. For people who do not understand Cars, such excuses are often able to get the default, so many are unscrupulous businessmen like to use thIs trick.

adopted piecemeal: to identify a number of repair shops

to identify a number of repair shops, inquiry YesA better way, eventually you can choose the most reasonable price, detecting the most likely one. In addition, when businesses put forward suggestions to replace the entire spare parts not available, must be especially Careful, you can go to the store consultation There are no other spot.

Inside Story III: deliberately delay the repair time

In addition to the repair shop and repair shop, 4S shop in fact, there are some pitfalls. For example, a Car going out insurance, if you find a problem, the maintenance department Will deliberately said no problem, or half-heartedly, and thus delay. Wait until the vehicle Is actually a warranty, longer receive maintenance when the money can be spent just like before completely different. ThIs situation occurs mainly in the 4S shop.

adopted piecemeal measures: more than acting, insurance to pay special attention when approaching the

owners and friends must be more than acting, be sure to observe when approaching a Car insurance situation, the problem must be timely to 4S shop for testing, and there Is a general anticipation and understanding of the problem of the vehicle, be sure to adhere to solve the problem.

Inside Story four: the oil from the transmIssion of the dIsease

Oil fact of the matter Is no secret that the majority of 4S shop maintenance staff Will oil on hands and feet. For example, in maintenance and we found your Car’s oil situation Is still relatively good, at thIs time does not need to be replaced, but it Is still recommended that you change the oil. ThIs time, you spend money on oil has become a foregone conclusion and others.

Another case Is, basically used up the entire bottle of oil, maintenance personnel Will be present with the remaining oil, it can also be a means to their own profit. And even some garages for their own interests use of counterfeit oil, the more need to attract attention.