Automotive replacement tires, must go to 4S shop to replace it? What should you watch?

Car tires but the Car parts in direct contact with the ground, the tires of the Car driving safety Is crucial, given such status tire, a lot of people you can not help playing the drums, Automotive replacement tires must go 4S shop to replace it? We need to pay attention to what it?

Why does everyone want to go 4S shop to do maintenance?

In fact, everyone in the maintenance of vehicle maintenance, are still relatively taboo to the 4S shop, 4S shop mainly higher specifications, the fees are high, such as changing tires, to be in after the 4S shop to buy the original tire, and the tire changer hours fee also produced, after replacing the tires also need to wheel alignment, the most critical Is that some 4S stores, tire replacement, returned to the owner once the vehicle chassIs wheel alignment on the grounds that after the replacement tire, chassIs stability deteriorates, wheel alignment helps ensure driving stability and safety of the vehicle. Given the wide range of costs, just an entry-level family Car, replace the four tires, 2000 yuan are to play live, it Is thIs high consumption place, so many owners can not help but start to question whether you can no longer 4S shop replacement tires it?

“Car Overview” clearly tell you, tire, although very important for vehicle safety driving, but tire replacement Is a very simple task for technician level requirements not high, Car owners can buy their own tires, then go to the repair shop replace tires or buy in the store, you can enjoy a free replacement tire treatment.

tire replacement precautions

The most important thing Is that the owners replace tires, be sure to pay attention to identify Some information relating to tires: tire models, tire brand, tire production date, how to prevent fakes?

tire brand and model for the tire brand to speaking, most of the family Car, the owner of a Car, buy a Car that comes with the original tire brand, model, pattern types can be mainly due to the tire but the vehicle development groupStone lies, in thIs tuning tire, vehicle power, fuel consumption, braking performance, chassIs driving performance, noIse performance of road vehicles, basically reached the level of the most balanced, do not doubt the effort in thIs regard Motor Company spent.

If the owners want to replace other brands of tires, nor can not, such as the current top ten tire brand, Bridgestone of Japan (Bridgestone), France Michelin (Michelin), Goodyear (Goodyear), Continental tire (Continental), the Italian Pirelli (Pirelli), Dunlop, Korea Hankook, Kumho tire and so on, we are able to meet the traffic demand, if the owner Is a little high-end pursuit too, it Is now more popular Michelin horse brand, if the pursuit of universal tire, Goodyear, Dunlop, Hankook, Kumho, etc. can be.

Manufacturing Date owners buy tire, certain to observe the tire production date, after all tires are rubber products, if prolonged storage, the rubber Will be aging, thereby affecting the tire strength, increase the rIsk of Car owners driving factor, so the owners to purchase tires, it must be the more recent production date it Is good.

The method of determining the date of production, generally written in the side of the tire has a tire production date, a series of four numbers, wherein the first two representatives of one year a few weeks after the two represent the year.

How to prevent fakes? prevent buy fake tires, mainly based on the ability to identify the owner, under normal circumstances, the line Is now recognized as the tiger Is the way, there are some tire brand flagship store, after purchase, some tires can be directly related to the surrounding cooperation shop free replacement tires Will need some owners out of their pocket; the time of purchase online, usually go to the tire store, thIs shop, fake root probability Is very low.

When replacing a tire, aScheduled to pay attention to their tire balancing, thIs one Is indIspensable, the price Is probably around $ 50, the main role Is to make tire balancing the center of gravity and rotational center overlap, the only way to meet the needs of high-speed driving. OtherwIse, the vehicle at high speeds, the vehicle steering wheel jitter phenomenon, vehicle driving stability Is very poor. If so, it Is recommended to replace the tire valve, the valve core Is sealed by a rubber material, long-term use Will be aging, tire leak phenomenon may occur.

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