Automotive repair industry, including formal auto 4S shop whether circumstances exIst to deceive consumers?

With life getting better and better, the United States entered the Automobile era, nearly two hundred million of Automobile ownership, it appears thIs Is the after-sales profits big cake.

There are many owners lack of professionalIsm of the Car, causing a lot of unnecessary spending, on the other hand, once the Car safety problems arIse, then the owners of travel consequences resulting from not imagine, which allows maintenance personnel have an opportunity to seize the minds of consumers, a fiercely than extortion.

For example I have personally experienced in the first half of thIs year, my Car appear idle instability, double the increase in fuel consumption, engine fault lights up occasionally, when the Car less than three in fifty thousand kilometers, I still think the warranty period, go 4S shop to see it. Local county has not thIs Car 4S shop, I think that Is a spark plug, and I did not believe the lower parts of the garage, outside of the spark plug Is not recommended to use, driving more than 50 km to the city now, just thIs Car recall activities under the arm, two days before I make a call set pieces, and after more than an hour away, oil grid on the instrument Cengceng fall down also run faster, I received service advIsor asked me what I I say Car problems arIse, he asked me more than fifty thousand kilometers of spark plugs replaced it, I said no, he suggested that I change, I would have Is going to change, he agreed, but he flew to sell from the spark plug cylinder cleaning, take me specifically how much money forget, because it Is hundreds of large, expensive than four spark plugs, I know how much Is the Car a little, have also done a 4S shop maintenance supervIsor, I say you look to change the spark plugs he said it did not wash for a no good, I was a little angry, a service advIser did not hands-on repair, useless seeing, I’m sure fault it? I am very tough rejected cleaning, let the change spark plugs.

Then he drove to the open lIst of the workshop, the workshop master attitude Is very good, when I changed the spark plug and cylinder cleaning open market, but also take an endoscope to me look inside, which Is black, but inside the Car who Is not black, I can not tell, try to change a spark plug, repair master to finIsh after I change the spark plugs, the fault Is not resolved, do not give me that cylinder Is cleaned the reason, I had my heart there at the end, not a problem with the air filter, fuel filter Is a problem, I asked the master said repair 4S shop to buy your air filter, fuel filterCore, my own home to go change, he said OK, let me find a service consultant open lIst, I went and I asked the air filter, fuel filter how much are 81, then he said the time charge even more expensive than pieces I said I bought myself change, he did not sell, do not sell, I do not buy, I question Shunzui set pieces come yet, service advIsor casually said senders warehouse to call you, I said that did not play, said he did not come, then the Car did not fix, spark plugs have been changed, set pieces did not change, I’ll open the salesman came back to find their own previous 4S buy the original air filter, fuel filter, and then do it yourself, when open when the air filter, air filter Card deducted found out, I put the new air filter, troubleshooting, and then the next morning Is ridiculous, 4S shop of people called me and said I was given to pieces I was on fire when I ask for consultant services warehouse, in fact, that day came, not enough time to notice, I said, no time to change, until recently, my gas consumption, and taking the time to open more than 50 kilometers and enchant pieces, I said to thIs case, either See attitude Is fairly good after-sales folks, I had complained to them.

If I had do not understand anything white, thIs Is another version of the repair, change spark plugs, clear cylinder coke, get bad Will clean the throttle, fuel injectors clean, change the air filter, fuel filter, no one thousand get down, and there’s routine too, so defenses can not do without, if you met a really repair owners technicians, really Xingtai Yun, the case of a blinded, really trampled upon. 4S shop like thIs, can not say more roadside shops, most notably for pieces of tube does not have to buy the.

also invited all businesses wake up, the customer Is not always fools, consumers Will not jump into a pit twice today, maybe you earn someone’s thousands of pieces, but you lose that trust between people, instead of consumers Will always find you, please do not for the benefit of, and lost integrity