Automotive repair and maintenance, Why repair shops people Will tell you to wash ‘throttle’?

Today, I would like to talk about a Car parts ‘electronic throttle’, must have a lot of friends by Car or say less heard of thIs stuff, especially when the Car Is going maintenance, repair shop employees may tell you your dirty throttle, throttle needs to be cleaned up. At that time you may be wondering, what the throttle Is a ghost? Why should I clean the throttle?

ThIs thing Is called a throttle valve

of the throttle valve Is to control the air flow means flows into the engine, multiple air intake point, the engine speed Is high point, that Is, the accelerator Will be bigger. Now the throttle Is electronic, not the kind of a previous cable. Engine computer how much you step on the gas pedal through, how to control the opening of the throttle valve inside the plate, so that the size of the throttle of the engine Is achieved.

Whenever the Cars for some time, about 30,000 km, of which the throttle valve plate Will produce coke, thIs coke Is how come it? Because the Car Is traveling in the air intake process Will surroundings, which Will air the dust, there Is a portion of the air cleaner filter dust endless flow into the engine through the throttle valve, when the engine because the normal operating temperature Is relatively high , so that part of the dust condensation on the throttle there did a long time on the formation of coke.

the throttle valve

Will lead to more coke the throttle valve inside the Card hysteresIs less than its original position, causing the engine idling unstable or high or low fuel consumption slightly increased, and some Car trouble light Will light meter, and some Automatic transmIssion Car Will not jump file thIs could have very smooth, so then you need to clean up the throttle.

Cleaning throttle

needs to be reset after some Cars washed throttle, the computer reset or manual reset, the maintenance staff Will process step, in short repaired just waiting for you to pay it wants to check out, ha ha

aspects of today’s something I Care about vehicle maintenanceTo share thIs, and if there Is anything unclear or want to know, welcome to the private letter I dIscuss below or leave a message in the comments area, thank you!