Automotive repair and maintenance, Why I never go 4S shop? You Will go to 4S store?

Tips: a long article, but also long-winded! All their own Car to keep a Car trivial matters related to class. If you accidentally dIsturb to you, please bear with me.

long wanted to write thIs article, but consider my work a lot of friends in the 4S shop feel, while dragging its feet. Today, suddenly thought, from another perspective, thIs Is actually helping them, get them early alert, fully and objectively recognize their own strengths and weaknesses, and weaknesses, perhaps a good thing, and began to write.

My experience of keeping a Car

I officially entered the ranks of Car owners in 2002, has raIsed over three Cars, namely Citroen Fukang , Peugeot 307 and Volkswagen Magotan.

Beverly Is my first Car, doubly cherIsh, plus then started going to ring the owner of the Car half-comprehended, especially by manufacturers “not 4S shop warranty does not Care “to sCare. At the time, the warranty period of only two years, but the first three years, whether it Is oil change, or repair, tire repair even have to go 4S shop. Fortunately, however, for after all, they know how much some of the Car, every time I go 4S shop Car repair Will now talk to the little brother in the name of the Car cotton, and later gradually became friends, and what did not spend more money wasted.

in the third year, when I am most familiar with the repair of two little brother resigned, a separate portal in place from thIs 4S shop not far away, huh the “Auto repair shop street”, so try to leave the 4S shop. Slowly dIscovered that in addition to environment than the 4S shop here, the rest are good. Accessories, especially before important parts basically means he saved up in the 4S shop and shift resources out of the formal channels of brand parts. Some aid, provides both brand parts also provides specific differences, deputy plant parts for my own choice, but also specifically tell the brand’s deputy plant parts and pieces. In addition, every time they go to the store maintenance or repair, chatted with me he Will keep a Car Car experience, occasionally burst explosion inside a 4S shop. It Is no exaggeration to say that they are my first teacher keep the Car Car. Of course, the most important thing Is: the price of a lot cheaper than the 4S shop.

has been scrapped old Beverly

The second Car Is the Peugeot 307 Strictly speaking on behalf of her brother raIsed. Probably in 2011, unintentional positive outcomes, wife of winning valuable to shake wildly California license plate number. Brother brothers and sIsters have not the time to learn to drive, I heard that there are indicators, apart from anything else went to the Car set up, called the weekend so I went to put the Car, and made me laugh and cry, the index had lent them. Because they did not a driver’s license, my Car Is natural to open, I’ll raIse. Because the experience of keeping a Car there before, plus 307 relatives and Beverly can be considered, in addition to free Paul Is the first outside the 4S shop, the other maintenance that comes naturally to the front of the Car repair brother.

last year, although the old Beverly traveled more than 300,000 kilometers, but still very good condition, but because of the limit line, forced to do scrap. 307 I on behalf of open support on behalf of a whole year, after the siblings got the license, they consciously gave them. But always at that roadside maintenance shop.

after younger siblings to get a driver’s license, go immediately to participate in Yao Hao, the first seven months time, once again winning, our index has also returned. So 2013 has been a third Car Magotan. Like 307, in addition to the first insurance, the rest are basically in a roadside shop (not the same one and Beverly, thIs major Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Mercedes) to do maintenance, except there Is one exception. Probably traveling about 20,000 kilometers of time, because the working relationship went to a Volkswagen 4S shop work, shop and understanding of their technical director. During the work on the Car pulled over to them to do maintenance, but also in advance confessed only an oil change, filters, air conditioning and air filtration rate. After thIs incident, etc. But when I go check out the dIscovery, replace the spark plug also gave me, and said that manufacturers require 20,000 km have to change the spark plugs. Even if they have one hundred reluctantly, I have to resign, you can not let them come and then remove. Of course, then never go 4S shop.

I was at the roadside shops reasons

Why I chose to be loyal and roadside shops. Careful analysIs, I often go to two roadside shop, they have a common characterIstic, it Is these similarities, so I told them trust me.

1. Boss skillful, 4S shop work inFor many years, which Is a prerequIsite.

2. The boss Is not “walk away dIspensers.” Although much of the work of hIs hands Will not do, but most of the time staring at the apprentice, and timely guidance.

3. Never flicker. In addition to oil and four-filter Is recommended that owners regularly change, the rest are to check, and then put forward reasonable suggestions for the owners depending on the circumstances, never take a maintenance manual maintenance cycle on to sCare the owner.

4. Not only tells you when to change the brand for parts or pieces deputy plant parts, but also tell the owner Why you changed, then could not change what happens. Be sure to pay attention if the owners insIst on not changing, the boss Will tell when driving should pay attention to, what kind of feel abnormal. Event of vehicle breakdown, do not worry, to call the rescue on the line, they Will promptly help owners deal with.

5. price transparency, before every maintenance or repair, Will tell more accurate prices.

In summary, for can do: Pre-repair people, Cars intentions, the intentions of the person repair shop, even if it Is a roadside shop, I had no reason to refuse it?

In contrast 4S shop, the advantages are obvious: good technology, good environment, service, “good”, accessories assurance, process specifications, but the dIsadvantages are also obvious: the high price. While the service “good”, but merely in the professional smile, very difficult to achieve intentions; though process specifications, but stiff, adding the lack of flexibility, especially in the implementation of the so-called factory requirements, so that owners do not have any say.

advice to owners of a friend of

It should be noted, I can safely choose roadside shop, there Is an important reason, that I have a certain knowledge of the Car. One to be able to determine more accurately the strength of the roadside shops, and secondly, they Will not dare to fool me. For white Car, I suggest you honestly to the 4S shop it. Because roadside shop Is cheap, but the level Is uneven, difficult to identify, and 4S shop, although expensive, but overall the quality Is guaranteed. After all, the Car’s safety Is related to personal safety. Of course, if you can find a reliable roadside shop, I can withsame.

As the owner, you’ll first choice 4S store? Please share your experiences in the comments section to keep a Car.