Automotive repair and maintenance, to the 4S shops and auto repair factory what’s the difference? Why 4S repair shop Will be much more expensive

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Car to do maintenance on a regular basIs, I believe you should know the owner, but there are some undecided choose to do maintenance in place Shique Is to 4S store it? Or to the side of the road repair shops do it? Is undecided, here to talk about with you, Auto maintenance, Auto repair factory to the 4S shop and what’s the difference? Why 4S repair shop so much more expensive

Select brand repair shops

It Is because of 4S shop there are all sorts of acts of malpractice, Auto sales in fast-growing markets today, after the Car market also Will rIse, large numbers of Auto repair shop Is one of them, fast repair shop has the advantage of flexible, but in recent years the rIse of a number of brands to jointly sell quick repair shop, either on management or price Is more formal, “bully off cheating” behavior Is little happens, and now select brand repair shops for repair and maintenance Is basically no problem.

select repair shops advantages and dIsadvantages of the

repair shops corresponds to the maximum advantage of the 4S shop charges are reasonable, there Is no problem because the 4S shop brand to Carve up profits, the price of natural quick repair shop Is much cheaper than the 4S shop, fast repair shop dIsadvantage, first of all do not provide the same as the 4S shop original parts, because the 4S shop brand monopoly, quick repair shop wants to original parts are generally more difficult, that it Is generally used as “deputy plant parts”; at the same time due to the fast repair Front of store brand vehicles complicated, whether it Is equipment or technician Is unable to get one hundred percent sure that all brands of Cars, so on a number of maintenance Issues may not be as thorough treatment 4S shop; in fact, in addition to equipment and level of charges, 4S shop and repair shops a major dIspute that the original pieces, 4S shop due to the dominance mayOriginal pieces to get the children generally use the quick repair shop Is deputy plant parts that do not have too much myth original pieces child, deputy plant parts Is not necessarily fake and shoddy products, especially some brand chain of fast repair shop, use it Is generally acceptable quality deputy plant parts, Car owners can rest assured, you do not be too tangled.

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Car maintenance Is very important thing, as hIs face, to have to pull the Car to be modeling was satIsfied ah.


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the rIse of fast repair shop owners to do maintenance and repair, the need to constantly improve what Is good, though, and 4s points different, but each have their own advantages. Everyone on the matter Is how to treat it? If you have a unique perspective of fun, you can leave a message at the bottom of the article! You can be forwarded to friends, or click Follow Us! Thank you for watching, next goodbye!