Automotive repair and maintenance to the 4S shop or repair shop? Which areas need attention there?

As people’s living standards improve, the Car has been “flying into the homes of ordinary people.” But after all means of transport machine, the machine Will have a loss, so we have to learn to the proper conservation and use, in order to increase their service life, and reduce the frequency of vehicle failure. To some extent, the cost of keeping a Car for less than the cost of maintenance of vehicles. ThIs Is somewhat similar, and now people are increasingly focused on social health, enhance physical exercIse, combined with advances in medical technology, it Will be more human longevity.


I work in the Automotive industry more than a decade, met many owners, understand the situation from the point of view, most of the owners vehicle maintenance knowledge Is not very understanding. Especially women comrades, relative to men, in terms of understanding and maintenance of vehicles Is a lot worse (thIs does not dIscriminate against women mean).

Here, how should we correct vehicle maintenance it?

First, 4S shops and repair shop of choice? The problem Is many owners, especially owners of the vehicle warranty period, inescapable problem, the following 4S shop maintenance and repair shop advantages and dIsadvantages are lIsted below:

1) the price : do not repeat them here, because many owners feel 4S expensive, Why we think the repair shop maintenance. 4S prices generally higher than the price of the repair shop, repair shop price Is generally 5-7 fold 4S shop. (Repair shop because there are few blacks exIst, so the price top write “General,” there may be a repair shop getting goods from the 4S shop through a number of channels, so individual sales price Is higher than the 4S shop)

2) the technical aspects : 4S professional maintenance technology Is superior to the repair shop, 4S Automobile professional tools and equipment more complete, repair shop model face relatively large, professional service from a particular vehicle For, 4S brand maintenance skills more prominent.

3) Location : From thIs perspective, 4S stores are generally located in the Motor City location in the city, more urban area Is relatively remote, and the repair shop may be located in the downstairs area, more prominent location, relatively more convenient.

4) maintenance projects : 4S shop mostly to project the vehicle during the warranty period do mainly biased in favor of maintenance, because the vehicle over the warranty period, large probability flows repair shop, so relatively speaking, 4S shop customer churn rate Is greater than the repair shop. The repair shop has a reputation of relatively low churn rates. Repair shop for maintenance projects more, of course, maintenance Is their business areas.

5) other factors : Because I worked for almost 10 years in the 4S, objectively speaking, the majority of people do not work 4S in the corresponding 4S shop maintenance vehicles, largely because of the reasons may be the cause of high prices and the 4S of time.

Second, the right choice for maintenance projects.

We know that different vehicles in different years the number of kilometers, maintenance projects Will be very different, and therefore, the question of how to select the right maintenance items need to use vehicle mileage and Years OK. When purchasing a vehicle, there Will be “a vehicle manual”, according to adhere to the contents of the instructions above can correct maintenance and repair of vehicles. In fact, relatively speaking, within the warranty period, the vehicle Will not be a big problem, and after a few kilometers and increase the useful life of the vehicle warranty period, the problem of the vehicle Will also increase.

It should be noted, 4S shops and repair shop because of the wage commIssion, may be excessive marketing, allow customers to do all kinds of conservation class maintenance projects, such as : 1) protection 2 engine cleaning) cleaning tank 3) inlet, injector cleaning, Carbon cleaning other items. In conclusion, allow customers to spend more, so as to improve customer price, improve after-sales output value. My advice: owners may consider appropriate. Not a proposed project requires a do.

Another problem Is that now Is not the same as before and repair, and now basically in exchange for pieces of the main maintenance supplement. In fact, many accessoriesCan also repair can greatly reduce repair costs through maintenance.

Again, shop around and do not suffer, safeguard their legitimate rights and interests .

now more intense market competition, 4S shop and third tier cities may be more than one, repair shop also full of streets. Market competition has become increasingly fierce, service and price Will be more transparent, more customer choice Will be, if they feel a 4S shop service Is not good, the price Is expensive, you can choose another company 4S shop, repair shop or directly select and so on It Is possible.

repair industry Is a service industry, service industries more attention to customer satIsfaction, companies Will conduct KPI assessment by the staff. At any time, when the legitimate rights and interests of consumers suffer, the more of a pick up the legal weapons to protect our legitimate rights and interests.

Finally: Maintenance parts Tips.

In fact, Car manufacturers do not directly produce parts for all vehicles, Car manufacturers produce parts called the self-made parts, such as Car shell, cover, doors, tail cover etc., because the larger the volume, Is not easy to transport, so its own production. Vehicle accessories and other Car manufacturers are generally suppliers of production, on the one hand supply the new Car assembly use, on the one hand 4S shop for maintenance use. There are factory original parts and accessories. The difference between the two, Is supplied to a 4S shop, Is supplied to a market. A Car manufacturer in accordance with the requirements process, a manufacturing process Is predetermined according to the supplier. In fact, from the quality, the original parts and accessories are factory quality difference Is not great, on the contrary, the price differences are factory original parts and accessories Is large. Because Genuine Parts Car manufacturers need to go through the authorization, and by 4S store sales, so the price Is higher than the original parts prices are factory accessories.

In contrast, the accessories are factory quality on the market with better and cheaper prices. Take the gearbox oil, the ZF eight-speed gearbox supplied to BMW to use. Original gearbox oil BMW 4S shops are factory ZF gearbox oil prices several times. But the new Car transmIssion oil on the original Car assemblyIt Is produced by ZF, because the eight-speed gearbox Is a ZF production.

Summary: 1, vehicle maintenance to choose a regular maintenance 4S shop or do business, companies have formal government-mandated qualifications, accessories and formal, technology Is relatively strong, need to accept the supervIsion of the market, the price Is relatively cheap 4S shop, of course, the owner can also choose to 4S shop maintenance. 4S store or repair shop of choice, the most important thing Is dIstinguIshed from the spending power of the owner.

2, the third of seven support vehicle repair, practical life, raIsing seven one-third of the owners repair abound. Owners need to change their habit of keeping a Car, more into keeping a Car rather than repair them.

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