Automotive repair and maintenance of the four stop to the 4S shop, and he Is able to repair, not to spend money

The four Car maintenance stop to the 4S shop, and he Is able to repair, not to spend money

In fact, economic development Is to buy a Car more and more people, but we all know, although more and more people buy a Car, for thIs Car, we also need to Carry out maintenance. So for thIs Car maintenance, in fact, most people think he really Is very important, but often go to Car maintenance, many people feel that thIs Is too much money, then for such a Car to maintenance that sometimes do not need to maintain some 4s shop, we can handle himself, and today we want to introduce, Is the Car of the four maintenance, do not go to 4s shops, because I could repair, but also do not spend money.

First, the first one was special when we dim the lights of the Car Is already affecting the lighting time, in thIs case, in fact, are generally because our Car after prolonged use of the room into a glass lamp inside, then in thIs case, in fact, we do not need to go to 4s shop maintenance and replacement, because even went to 4s shop, they also help we wash, then for such a headlight glass of the Car, we really just need to win it, and then put the bulb with alcohol wipe again on it.

then the second Is our unpleasant smell in the air-conditioned Car, we all know that when our Car for a long time do not use, or used for a while after a time, in fact, it Will be very easy for us to find thIs unpleasant smell of Automobile air-conditioning, so in thIs case, the air conditioning unpleasant smell, in fact, we can do some other things, and let the air conditioning odor elimination, for example, we would 5 minutes before parking the Car to turn off the air-conditioning, open the natural wind, so that we can make the temperature inside the Car air conditioning ducts to rIse, but after it returns to normal temperature, it Will not cause dew condensation in the air conditioning ducts appear the odor.

The third Is when our Car wiper blades appear less noIse or the use of clean, when in fact we can chooseChoose thIs above a wiper blade rubber to win, then sanded it, then when we put the wiper blade grinding, you Will find the wiper blade use Is still very easy to use, thIs Is because the wiper blade Is actually due to prolonged use and the emergence uneven, so for such a sand speaking, it can be very easy to put thIs uneven grind, and also allows us rain the blade Is very easy to use.

The last Is to replace the glass of water, and for the replacement of the glass of water, in fact, our own home, which also can be done, because for the replacement of water glass even if we go to the store to replace the four s, in fact, they just add a glass of water to the engine cover inside it, then for the glass of water, we leave in the past few days, as long as you find a lid with a flag, open the glass of water poured on it, so for these Car maintenance Is really very simple, and do not need to go to 4s shops, it Is also replaceable, and also save money at no cost.