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In those years, we put the Car 4S shop,

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In those years, we did the first insurance 4S shop,

have to queue maintenance it?

I believe that many fled 4S shop of a small partner, you’ve never gone to the former, we are faithless too fast, or the world Is changing too fast …… while choose to leave, many small partners know, there are many social 4S shop outside the Auto repair shop incomparable advantages, such as providing original parts, maintenance of a single brand of technology Is more refined, with a complaint channels, better service, more peace of mind in general, higher reliability.

the past two years, national policy reforms more attention to the quality of Automotive service, many 4S stores have gradually normalized, it offers many features, “take heart” of the service, such as on-site service, extended warranty service, sheet spray fast repair, Car windowpane extended warranty, great customer vIsits and cross-industry alliance, etc., to help us keep a Car more expensive Car more convenient. Let’s say the current time-saving services special services, there you can not think of Oh!

save maintenance time, 4S shop site service

home repair and maintenance services, not only O2O mode Internet companies are doing, many dealers 4S shop very early layout of the home repair and maintenance services. Brilliant ape shoes known California Xiang Cheng, Rugao Yichang New York Shengda Feng Tian shops and southern magnitude Teng 4S shop, are doing on-site service, but not the same type of service. I believe there are many, like other cities, Welcome to the bottom of a small partner article comments

Here we Bory Xiang Cheng to California as an example, thIs 4S shop on-site service layout Is divided into three categories: home repair / maintenance service, pick-up / delivery Car and home network services, for us to say thIs 4S store Is how to do on-site service.

home repair / maintenance services: call the customer service hotline 800 SAIC appointment, the store Will send on-site service vehicles, by experienced technicians arrived at the scene to support the vehicle repair operations.

a pick-up / delivery vehicles: customers to call SAIC 800 service hotline appointment, Brilliant Xiang Cheng Will come to pick up the Car, pit for repairs and maintenance, or call the customer service hotline 800 SAIC appointment, Brilliant Xiang Cheng completed the repair and maintenance of the Car back to the customer’s home. Brilliant Xiang Cheng promIse customers enjoy twice a year vehicle warranty period, 50KM from the shop free “home Jie repair” services.

home network service: Brilliant Xiang Cheng and Pinggu, Huairou and other no brand 4S shop repair shop that regional cooperation on a regular basIs to provide professional service personnel stationed in the outer suburbs of customers, thoughtful, worry and maintenance services. California suburban dIstricts and counties greatly facilitate the customers’ needs, we get a lot of customer recognition. If you are in Huairou, open SAIC Roewe and MG MG brand Cars, to see their home above services Will not be very excited ah!

I believe that many small partners, like me,

Car Is not SAIC brand,

can call on-site service?

about our collective about it!

introduced the first on-site service, the following describes the night market services.

night (dong) field (guan) service (mei) Service (nv)

what you want to see the fIst ~~

save queuing time, 4S shop night service load shifting maintenance

many dealers 4S shops are open in the wrong peak, guide customers to maintenance. Do the most thorough in the case of the Ford brand, the brand’s 4S shop from April to October, Will Carry out the “date Thursday” Night service activities. Customer Service Officer of the store by telephone solicitation, customers were encouraged in every Thursday night 17:00 ~ 22:00 into the store maintenance. The store Will provide customers with delicious meals and dimension into the storeRepair and maintenance promotions to attract customers into the store. Meanwhile, into the nations publicity to the customer concept of peak load shifting into the store, to guide customers into the store through incentives and other means to effectively control the incoming units times on the weekend or the usual peak period, but also for customers to shorten the repair time.

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save waiting time, Car accident sheet spray fast repair services

there are very few 4S shops offer sheet spray fast repair service, paint a small area of ​​the body can be restored within a day to mention Cars, savings for customers line up painting Car repair accident waiting time. In order to feed the nations, for example, thIs 4S shop alone scratch painting in three or less, it does not involve sheet metal; minor sheet metal or plastic front and rear bumpers paint and other content alone vehicle and enjoy the fast repair service. Since 2019, a daily average of 2-3 sets of quick repair of the vehicle into the plant, greatly facilitate the customer demand for Cars and convenient travel.

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junior partner you encountered any “special service”

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