Automotive paint, Why repair shop 200 Is enough, 4s shop was more expensive.

a lot of friends around to hundreds of thousands of Car paint scratch repair shop to 200 or even 100 Is enough to repair one side of the paint, but the asking price was able to 4s shops to 400 to 700.

repair shop pricing Is the customer’s vehicle, the higher the value of the Car, the higher the asking price. I have seen a big cow to a repair shop asking price 4,000 face. The material used Is the cheapest.

Will store each 4s specified by the original paint, mid-range mid-range Cars with paint shop 4s, 4s high-end Cars with high-grade paint shop,

and the cost, the cost of painting a surface element 200 -30 20 membered enough these paint manufacturers, mostly from Changzhou, Guangdong, each two or three hundred manufacturers as many brands, if you want getting goods from other manufacturers, to help you stick a few brands what Is difficult.

Each surface of mid-range Cars have to 80–110. Mercedes-Benz luxury Cars such as BMW, the cost to paint a surface 150-230. Mid-range Cars and luxury Cars are 4s shop, are specified in the original big brands, these brands are imported brands, the market Is now imported paint within the United States with more love Shi was four brands, BASF, ppg Sikkens. There are a few do not very good, such as Nippon Automotive paint, such as the United States, William Sheng. The factory has about five ranging from the level of the brand. Shop for select major 4s.

. 4 S store paint template matching

4s shop after the leaves change. Original pieces.

repair shop to repair the posterior lobe. Patch

4s shop paint room. My Car Is dragged into the spray of the relationship

repair shop no matter how much money Is received with the same paint . Usually theThe change member does not change, with a barrel 20 dollars putty. Over time thick putty following iron rust, but support for 2 years. Or use scrap pieces. With deputy plant parts are considered a more polite. And original pieces deputy plant parts, Auto Parts City boss even less clear points, Is by watching the number of points, not to mention the owner of it.

repair shop need to use the material, Is a phone call to someone gets here. Repair shop paint too much ,, are used to send other people how much. A Car accident sent to the repair shop, the boss promIsed you one week to fix, he may still go on the road one week parts of it. Then you drag a few days. Accessories to, and hurried to fix you so that you take. Slow slow repair shop in the above and other accessories.

and 4s shop parts warehouse has almost common stock. What paint to use, parts, on the spot can take out. Now strict environmental investigation 4s shop Farrell paint must be collected to pay people to do sound processing. Environmental checked at every turn tens of thousands of hundreds of thousands of penalty.

and said paint shop 4s warranty for two years, they hold steady beat of two years, with a possible five or ten years Will not be something, paint master Will be fined 200 -500 once.

. The repair shop, there Is a problem big deal to re-do thing.

So, if you do not scratch the Car what to repair. Do not look 200 cheaper. I knew in the used Car industry, but the original paint Is a very important indicator. The same Car as 150,000, a little paint damage Is not repaired, a not damaged, do a number of paint or paint the whole Car sprayed, not sprayed paint at least higher than the valuation of paint sprayed as many as 5,000 or more more than 10,000.

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