Automotive oil change but also to repair store? I’ll teach you

ThIs article Is to let everyone know about the function of the engine lubrication system, the composition and selection of engine oil and replace!

combinations of the various Automotive parts Is formed of steel, with the mutual operation they Will generate friction, requiring a lubricating oil these parts of the surface form a film, so that they conduct the fluid friction, thereby reducing friction losses and friction!

Is particularly simple, said system Is to lubricate the lubrication, cooling, sealing, cleaning, rust prevention, buffer. It Is composed of the oil pump, each of the oil passages, the oil pan, oil filter, pressure limiting valve, bypass valve, dipstick, oil pressure gauge, etc.!

Here it Is said that the most important dry goods, selection and replacement of oil today. The correct selection of oil to maximize the protection of the vehicle, so that the vehicle life expectancy!

the following points need to pay attention when we choose oil.

First, according to the selected type of engine oil, diesel and petrol engines used are different, must not be mixed, those in common oil market only for a portion of the engine’s type, not suitable for all engines.

Second, the selection of different grades of the vehicle are not the same oil, high-grade vehicle engine operating conditions required relatively high, it Is necessary to use high-grade oil , or can not achieve the effect of lubrication, so to choose a vehicle according to the grade of motor oil Is extremely important, but the low level of Car use high grade engine oil can be more protection, but thIs needs according to their own economic conditions point of view, but for the line!

Third, Automobile in which different places, different used oil environment Is different, for example through the high and low temperature, drying moIst climate, but now Is generally used in common winter oil thIs Is called the oil complex, multi-grade engine oil, performance and vIscosity are 15w / 40 at the time of the choice of oil must see thIs sign!

Fourth, if the vehicle has a requirement to use the oil, then it would be in strict accordance with the provIsions of theWith, can not be mixed, otherwIse it Will wear and tear of the engine!

Fifth, Promoting the use of domestic oil, and now the domestic production of large-scale oil refineries can meet the standards, but also inexpensive, safe to use!

Finally, as we briefly about oil changes.

First, the dIscharge of oil, the engine must be determined upon dIscharge of the oil it Is cold. Before dIscharge and then to be ready all the tools to determine a good engine oil drain bolt, and then put the oil pan below, you can unscrew the bolts, bolts, etc. after completion of dIscharge Replace!

Second, replace the oil filter, with the first oil filter wrench unscrew the oil filter, oil filter there Is also noted that the oil, not the oil pan removed. Must be painted at the time of a new oil filter installed in the filter layer cleaning oil seal oil, oil filter and wipe clean the vicinity of the cylinder block, and finally installed!

Third, oil filling, first to the vicinity of certain cleaning oil filler when added oil, plus appropriate oil injection in the engine Is cold Is to raIse the oil after the ruler scale line near the middle of the mark, so that refueling Is completed to start the vehicle engine warm, then check the oil drain plug and oil filter if oil leakage, and finally check the oil level again, the engine Is in hot oil level should be dipstick on the nearby mark.

Car owners, learn to change the oil more convenient and cheaper Austria!