Automotive glass Is scratched do not have to repair shop

Automotive glass Is very safe tempered glass, a slight impact Will not damage the glass and now we are athermic glass Is hit even heavy fragmentation, fragmentation Is not scattered so for Automotive glass affect the security there Is only one possible, that Is not clean glass surface, especially in the first block, but the dirt can be erased if they have scratches, it Will cause a great impact on the sightline of some serious repair shop owners to find scratches on the glass but expensive transfer Is not serious, let a repair shop to fix your have to spend a lot of money actually has some scratches and that they can handle

1 toothpaste lot of novice drivers Will find some of the old Car drivers often prepare a toothpaste many people do not understand thIs toothpaste in the end what’s the use! We want to say today Is toothpaste to remove scratches! For minor scratches Automotive glass, coated with a little toothpaste, wipe gently with a toothbrush, you Will find that with a miracle, scratches dIsappear! The main reason Is the toothpaste composition which contains an abrasive, the polIshing scratches opportunity to rub off the glass and toothpaste everyone has a very convenient for use

ThIs method Is also ammonia 2 was simply to remove the scratches with ammonia, ammonia Is highly soluble in water, so you can exchange large amounts of water, generally you can try ammonia 1: 200 ratio of allocation of water depending on the size of the scratch again controlling the ratio! In thIs way the effect Will be, but ammonia Is generally not standing at home!

3 plated crystal glass Is two or more tips Is a method with scratches after another remedy, prevention glass plating crystal advance, but need to be reminded It noted that the glass-plated plated crystal former can not stop, because the line of sight Will affect the future if they have to protect the front windshield of products, small series Will be the first time to update! So if we only plated crystal glass plate side of the block like, of course, the price Is very expensive plating glass crystal of