Automotive done “the first insurance” when maintenance again, are good to go repair shop or 4s shop Is good?

In today’s society, people’s living conditions are getting better and better, there are a lot of people with a certain amount of money are also the basIs for future buy a Car, buy Cars now it really Is a lot of convenience, in cities large and small are a lot of 4s shop, but when buying a Car, especially if the funds are not enough, you also can choose a loan to buy a Car, and we bought the Car after to also often to do maintenance of the Car, the Car to do maintenance, not only allows us while driving more security, but also can extend the life of the Car, to a certain extent. And after we bought a Car, 4s shop are also Will send a first insured. In the Car owners to do, they also are the first insurance Will go to 4s shops to do, after all, thIs Is free, but if the Car finIshed the first insurance again when maintenance Is good or repair shop to go to 4s shops good?

Although it Is more convenient to buy a Car now, but in the latter part of the Car to do maintenance when there are a lot of owners are also troublesome there are many owners are also frequently entangled in the end Is to 4s shops to do maintenance, or go to some of the repair shop to do maintenance? Our 1st time in the Car to do maintenance, Will always choose to 4s shops to do maintenance, since 4s shop to buy a Car after the first time we Will send all security, and in doing when the first insurance, for 4s shop Is not particularly high cost, but there are a lot of owners in the finIsh after the first insurance also are not sure in the end Is that to four s shop to do maintenance. Or to the repair shop to do the maintenance better, then we have to analyze today.

there are a lot of novice owners when maintenance Is usually choose to 4s shops to do maintenance, but the 4s shop maintenance costs compared to some other repair shop for price Will be much higher, and therefore profits Is very large 4s shop to do maintenance time, although the price Will be higher, but its price Is also more transparent, and therefore for the maintenance of the Car for those who do maintenance of different parts in different 4s shop when prices are the same and these are also the official price given the price so that in it Is not going to be much the difference.

and the quality of Auto parts shop 4s are also very good, most are also the original, so that there Will be quality assurance, but there are a lot of repair shop Although the price would be more expensive, they offer accessories but had not original, if thIs accessory Is a regular case then the quality and maintenance of workmanship, if not, then Is also a good choice, but if accessories are not the regular manufacturers of words then doing maintenance when the owners still have to pay attention to some. In addition we have to 4s shop for maintenance services when the 4s shop owners Will also provide some specialized services and offices rest of the environment Will be better, but to Carry out maintenance at the repair shop, they might there Is no such a treatment.

In short, whether to 4s shop to Carry out maintenance, or to the general repair shop to Carry out maintenance, vehicle owners and then into a box Car repair and maintenance time, or to be Carried out in accordance with the actual situation choice, if the problem the Car appear larger, then it was suggested to go to 4s shops to Carry out repair and maintenance, after all, they Will be more professional number, but if just some small problems then go to the repair shop for repair Is also a good choice, then the normal life Is how you choose it? We also welcome message to share.