Automotive done “the first insurance” In the future, when maintenance again, are good to go 4s repair shop or store it?

There are a lot of people have bought the Car, and now the Car Is convenient, many, buying a Car since we are also to give the Car to do maintenance, and we bought a new Car in the future, 4s shop are also Will send a receipt, so that the driver did not have a lot of open days in the Car after the Car probably Will be sent to the maintenance, and many novice drivers to the Car when maintenance Is also very common thing, but there are a lot of older drivers are also not bad as long as the Car Is also less to do maintenance for older drivers Is. But anyway, when doing maintenance or ultimately to the Car, then the Car in to finIsh the “first insurance” after the maintenance of good repair shop Is to go again or continue to 4s shops to do it?

We all know that to do first Car insurance Is very important, and the vehicle ready to buy a Car later, 4s shops are generally Will be presented once the first insured, so that most of the Car owners to do the first time, they also are maintenance Will go to 4s shop for maintenance, and maintenance in time to enjoy the 4s shop services are also very high quality and since 4s sent a maintenance shop, so in thIs case also be able to save money, and now many 4s shop are also working directly with manufacturers, so that for the first insurance 4s shop, it the cost Is not particularly high, but there are a lot of novice owners to go to the Car to do maintenance when some of the 4s shop staff are also owners Will say something about the maintenance aspect, so thIs Is for vehicle owners Is also a very good choice, then give the Car to finIsh the first insurance later again when we do maintenance, in the end Is better to go to the repair shop, or go to 4s shops better?

First, we must first understand 4s shop maintenance and some regular maintenance repair shop, to have time any different? The first one Is the price of different so sure, 4s shop repair shop maintenance costs would surely be much higher, so that the 4s shop profits are very large, although 4s shop price Will be higher, but its price Is Will be more transparent, for parts in different parts of the Car to do maintenance at a different time of 4s shop, the price Is the same, but these prices are also given in the official guide price,So these are all there would be no difference.

The second aspect with parts quality Cars also have a certain relationship, in general, accessories 4s shop used basic the original depot are the same, so that the quality Is definitely there Will be security, but the general repair shop offered a lot of accessories are not original, if it Is regular, then the quality and maintenance processes are also no problem but if it Is irregular. Then still have to be more Careful. In addition, when maintenance services are also in the 4s shop Will offer special message to the owners to hear, so that the environment also Will be more better, but for the repair shop, it might not have such a treatment.

However, for in the end Is to go to 4s shops to Carry out maintenance or to the general repair shop to Carry out maintenance, or according to their owners Some Issues Car appears to be selected, and if just some small problems, then to the repair shop to repair Is possible, but if the encounter some larger questions, suggestions or to go to 4s shops to Carry out repair and maintenance , after all, in thIs respect they Will be more professional. So for the maintenance of the Car, how do you usually choose it? If you have other views, but also welcome message to share, oh.