Automotive done “the first insurance”, again to maintain good 4s shop, repair shop or good?

In today’s society, people’s living conditions are getting better and better, there are a lot of people are buying the Car, and we bought a Car after travel Is more convenient, and there are a lot of people in the usual It also Is traveling by Car Will choose. But if we are going to drive safer, then we all need to do maintenance on the Car, and we all know 4s shop to buy a new Car when, 4s shop are also Will send a maintenance, so that there Is many of the owners drove for some time in the future are also sent to the Car 4s shop Will do maintenance, but there are a lot of older drivers say the Car finIshed first insurance when they should not go to 4s shops to do the maintenance. So if the Car finIshed first in the insurance and maintenance times, when the time Is good to 4s shops to repair shop or good?

and now we are not only more convenient to buy a Car at the time, and even to do Car maintenance Is also more convenient, but gives the Car do maintenance when there are a lot of owners also are more tangled, in the end Is to 4s shops to do maintenance or repair shop to do maintenance, because when we buy a Car, the 4s shop Will always send a maintenance, there are a lot of 4s shop owners to do maintenance, we found 4s maintenance Is really good, and 4s shop maintenance when the environment Is also particularly good, but there are a lot of older drivers say 4s shop maintenance costs are particularly high, so that in the Car to finIsh the first insurance 4s shop and then later do not do maintenance, or repair shop to do better maintenance, so exactly where maintenance would be better to do it?

life there are many novice Car owners to do maintenance time, all Will go to 4s shops to do maintenance, but 4s shop maintenance costs compared to those who repair shop prices should be higher, because the 4s shop Is also a need for profit, though it’s price Will be higher, but its price Is also very clear, whether it Is which 4s shop doing maintenance prices are the same, and these are also the official price given. So price Is not much difference, and 4s store, accessories are also very good quality. Because most of them are original. So do maintenance, it also Will be more secure feel relieved.

and we go to those when the repair shop for maintenance, quality parts if they provide are very good are also the most original, then also very good, but if accessories are not the regular manufacturers, then doing maintenance when the owners still have to pay more attention to some of, if not those of quality, we also compare the rIsk while driving a . I do not know when to Carry out maintenance in the 4s shop owners there are also some specialized services hall, the rest of the environment Will be better, and maintenance repair shop to time there may be no such treatment a.

In short we give the Car to do maintenance, whether they are to 4s shops or to the general maintenance of plant maintenance, owners Is to pay more attention to some, but to be selected according to their own situation, if problems arIse the Car Is relatively large, it Is recommended to 4s owners still have to go to the store, after all, some of them Will be more professional, then normal life, how do you choose that are also welcome to leave a message to share, oh.