Automotive daily need to do three maintenance knowledge, take a minute to look at, never go to the repair shop!

acquire a certain amount of common sense Is the basic Car maintenance skills of Car owners, in their daily lives, we Will find, usually with prolonged driving experience, everyone Car maintenance also Will deepen understanding, we can dIscover a lot size of the problem, in order to quickly resolve.

Oil common sense!

In other Automobile mileage oil should be replaced, it can generally mineral oil change every 5,000 km, synthetic oil can be extended to 8,000 Fa 10,000 km replacement. From the time of speaking, half are traveling less than 5,000 km by Car, six months after oil changes should also be considered.

Introduction of four kinds of methods for the identification of oil:

1, smell method, extracting the oil dipstick hIs nose smell, if We have a strong sour smell, indicating that the oil has deteriorated and should be replaced.

2 hand twIst method, taken out of the old oil triturated repeatedly with the thumb and index finger, feel good lubricity quality, less debrIs, no a sense of friction. If you feel there are impurities, poor tack, even astringent, it should be replaced.

3, color vIsion method, taking a clean white filter paper (available tIssues a little better), number of points used oil droplet on the paper, standby after the oil leakage, better quality oil-free powder, and smooth to touch buckle down, infiltration with clear and yellow. Dark dark brown, with impurities should be replaced.

4, photopheresIs, remove the dipstick exalted 45 degrees, the oil droplets were observed under light, you can clearly see the end of the oil droplets no wear debrIs as well. If the debrIs late and more should be replaced.

TransmIssion Fluid common sense!

First, let’s look at what Is the gearbox oil; TransmIssion gear system oil Is kept clean oil supplies, the main role Is to extend the lubricating life of the transmIssion. Second, Why do we need a higher quality of transmIssion oil;

transmIssion fluid selection Is not the same quality, Is an important factor affecting the smooth shifting of comfort. The fundamental difference Is the system friction, high quality oil molecules more delicate transmIssion oil, shear capacity more efficiently, half clutch, or at the moment of the binding, can play a role in the film surface of the friction material a very effective suspension and skid, can buffer the impact powerful moment, so that combined with smoother, shift more smoothly. At the same time delicate oil molecules greatly reduces the phenomenon Card valve, the valve body work more smoothly. Finally, Why should regularly change the gearbox oil; In general, normal maintenance replace the gearbox oil Is replace every 40,000 km or once a year to replace a time, usually when the first insurance if you do not pay attention to the 4S shop Is not actively traded. We should not follow the Care instructions detailed on the vehicle, because otherwIse the transmIssion Will accumulate a large amount of impurities or metal cut end into the oil pump oil pump so that poor, resulting in low gear engagement in poor circumstances.

Brake oil knowledge!

Brake fluid brake oil commonly known, used to transmit the braking force to the owner of the vehicle brakes. If the dirty brake oil (brake fluid since the brake pipe back and forth, a metal powder brake master cylinder and the brake fluid to seep in, a period of time, Will produce sludge and other impurities), vIscosity increases, it Will directly affect the braking force of the vehicle, the specific performance brakes too “soft” feel for the owners, so owners every travel 2-40000 kilometers, it Is necessary to replace a brake fluid.

1, if accidentally gasoline, diesel or synthetic oil incorporated braking system using brake fluid, since the fluid incompatibility between, Will reduce the braking effect.

2, 4 million meters vehicle runs normally or brake fluid continuously for more than 2 years, since the brake fluid Is easy to use and deterioration for a long time, so attention should be replaced.

3, a vehicle equipped with a brake oil level alarm device, should always observe the warning light Is flashing, the alarm sensor performance Is good, should be added when the brake oil shortage the stored brake fluid should be maintained at the lowest nominal capacity of the scale and the highest capacity scale.

4, in the normal driving of the vehicle, when braking suddenly overlook if heavy, timely replacement of the brake fluid, before replacing the system with alcohol actuating system clean.

5, season, especially in the winter, the braking effect Is reduced and if found, it Is possible that the brake fluid level suited to winter weather, then replaced with new brake fluid, it Is necessary select small vIscosity at a low temperature of the brake fluid.

6, of different types and brands of brake oil do not mix, there are special requirements for braking systems, the brake should bear a specific grade oil. Due to the different formulations of different brands and different types of brake fluid, brake fluid can cause brake mixing oil index declined. Even those mIscible better, can indicate mixed or alternative brands, use has also been unsatIsfactory, therefore, not long-term use.

Conclusion: Car routine maintenance you know it!