Automotive air conditioning was bigger, higher fuel consumption it? Old driver said, “Open wide open little different”!

Automotive air conditioning refrigeration and wind are two systems, air conditioning size of the wind speed Is determined by the size of the blower, and blower power consumption with no direct relationship, that does not rely on changing the blower power to change the speed, the air volume consumption of electricity does not substantially change, but if the Car Is the frequency of air conditioning, fuel consumption may be slightly low, it Is also very trace amounts.

and summer temperatures so high, even higher after sun exposure over the temperature inside the Car, if no air conditioning, it would be very hard to accept, but the key driving window, then resIstance becomes large Car, fuel consumption Will be increased, it might as well air conditioning.

However, we should note that, do not always open in the air conditioning cycle, especially at highway speeds, thIs Is the case, the owner and passengers in the Car can cause drowsy, but also motion sickness easily, so that every other period of time to be sitting outside the loop, thIs Is the case, but also conducive to road safety.

In short old driver said the Car regardless of your air-conditioned air volume adjusting how big or small, fuel consumption all that.