Automotive air conditioning refrigeration? These two Issues can repair their own, do not spend more money!

[Car masters: the summer Car knowledge], Auto air conditioning Is not cooling. Whether 4S shop or an ordinary repair shop, hit the Car air conditioner Is not cooling very high frequency. So now there are many specialized Car air conditioning repair shops, the other nothing, special Car air conditioning repair. After the air conditioning Is not to say how difficult troubleshooting, repair elsewhere Is not good, so we can only find people devoted to repair air-conditioning. In fact, precIsely because of the need to repair air conditioning more and more Cars, and air conditioning repairs profit Is relatively large, so some people Will be dedicated to repair air-conditioning.

If the air conditioning fails, most of them are not cooling or insufficient cooling. Many people say, when the high noon sun, my air conditioning cooling effect on the poor, sitting in the Car Will be sweating, but sooner or later, very easy to use. No matter what the situation, as long as the air conditioning Is not cold, it may be faulty. There are two frequently encountered but can solve their own mIstakes. One Is the air filter Is dirty, the other Is the condenser Is dirty. Once they become dirty, it Will affect the cooling effect, their replacement or cleaning. Then how do we know what the problem Is? How you should check it?

It Is measured by inserting a thermometer into the intermediate outlet. Thermometer may be an ordinary mercury thermometer or a digital dIsplay, as long as it Is inserted into the air outlet, the air conditioner Is transferred to the coldest air volume was adjusted stroke. Wait approximately 5 minutes, until the temperature measured by the thermometer and dropping again becomes stable. The current temperature Is the temperature of the air outlet.

It should be noted that the size of the wind has a great influence on the temperature measurement. Air flow rate, the lower the measured temperature, the greater the air flow, the higher the measurement temperature. Average wind speed measurement Is more practical vehicle conditions, manual air conditioning switch to the second speed.

If the outlet temperature Is normal, but the air conditioning still feel inappropriate, be sure the air filter Is dirty. Replace the filter can solve thIs problem. In fact, thIs happens a lot. ThIs can be solved their own problems. Dirty air filter resulting in insufficient output, a high air flow switch position, only to hear loud sounds blower operation, virtually no air can be blown. Although a sufficient degree of cooling, can lead to less wind compartmentHigh temperature inside.

If the outlet temperature Is too high for several reasons. The most common Is the lack of fluoride and air conditioning condenser Is generally blocked, firstly measuring the pressure of the air conditioning duct. After the air conditioning Is turned on, if the pressure Is too low, it must be the lack of fluoride, fluoride can be resolved. If the pressure Is normal, the condenser Is blocked. If the blockage Is not serious, you can solve yourself. Simply wash with water gun while washing. If the situation Is serious, you need to dIsassemble and clean. Condenser plugging problems often appear on older Cars, as it Is behind the tank, the tank Is Isolated many dirt, and do not readily cross the tank and adhered to the condenser. So if a new Car Is usually not necessary to consider the problem of clogging of the condenser.

also has air-conditioning refrigeration cases completely. If thIs happens, either no fluorine, or partially damaged. ThIs time we Will go to the owners of ordinary repair shop repair.