Automotive air conditioning refrigeration not supposed to? Yiyanbuge fluoride do not fly

summer, no air conditioning in the Car can not live ah! One sentence: give me my life Is the air conditioning!

hide from the hot sun outside the Car Is cool how pleasant thing ah ~ but open air Is hot, I tell you my heart Is so of!

When it comes to air conditioning Is not cold, the first reaction we are sure fluoride! But the cause of poor air conditioning there Is a lot of the right medicine Is the key! Today small Will come and we talk about, resulting in air conditioning Is not cool in the end what are the reasons.

“F” Is not Consumables

lack of refrigerant (that Is our daily said the “F” , in fact, as early as now there Is no freon, and basically R134a refrigerant), air conditioning Will not really cool, but we need to know Is not the expendable refrigerant, not the case if leakage does not require frequent added. So when it comes to air conditioning does not cool, you think fluoride Is too one-sided.

excessive dust, filter block

Air conditioning barrier effect of the filter Is the inside of the dust and impurities into the Car, so a long time there Will be many natural dirt has blocked the outlet. Once the air flow Is blocked it Will naturally become smaller with the smell. At thIs point you only need to replace or clean the filter air-conditioning cooling effect can guarantee it! Remember to check at the time of air conditioning maintenance air inlet blockage if there are fallen leaves. If a long time, some leaves Will rot, emit a strange odor in vehicle air pollution.

Open time the outer loop

Car air conditioning Is usually the default mode of the outer loop, if your air conditioning Is not cold, to see if it has been in a long-term foreign loop mode. Since the outside air into the outer loop makes high temperature, the cooling effect of natural as the circulation mode. Car while walking, But also have a lot of power to the cooling effect Is certainly good as the inner loop.

urban roads within a certain cycle to use, because of the congested road, after all the exhaust gas content surrounding large. Sandstorm weather Is the same to be used in the loop, if you use the outer loop, air filter Will cause a lot of pressure, the Car’s dust Will gradually increase. Daily driving, after a long time in the inner loop mode, appropriate adjustments to the outer loop, or open the windows for a while, to avoid the Car hypoxia or stale air.