Automotive air conditioning refrigeration? Learn thIs trick, just 30 seconds to determine whether the lack of fluoride

unknowingly summer has come, for Car owners, Car air conditioning in summer Is essential, especially when your Car out of the sun after a day So when you get on the train, no air conditioning was felt to be roasted there. Once the air conditioning and some Car problems to come, such as thIs year’s cooling effect Is not how good last year? Cooling effect Is a problem or lack of fluoride?

to know that there are many factors affecting Automotive air conditioning and refrigeration effect, in addition to the lack of fluorine addition there may be a loose drive the compressor, reducing the efficiency of transmIssion and so on. So if and when you find that too fell under the Car air conditioning the first time how to make judgments? Xiao Bian teach you the recipe.

first, when the open air as we can see from the refrigerant Is not cloudy, no no air bubbles, and a smooth flow from the sight glass. And if you turn off the air conditioner or changing the rotational speed of the engine, the refrigerant Will be some bubbles, it shows that air conditioning Is not lack of fluoride.

when the air conditioner Is open, seen from the sight glass Is a refrigerant bubble separator leIsure few seconds, and traces of oil in place of the pipe connection, and a low pressure side when you feel a hand touch high no obvious changes in temperature, then it shows too little refrigerant, need to add refrigerant.


time when too much refrigerant Is also very good observation, you only need to turn on the air conditioner and turn off air conditioning,Observation of the refrigerant from the master to see the sight glass bubbles, if bubbles always see, pipe joints and no traces of oil, hand feeling significantly high and low side when the temperature difference felt, it indicates that the refrigerant Is too too much.