Automotive air conditioning refrigeration? It Is actually nothing more than these types, their solutions are simple!

Summer Is the most frequently used Automotive air-conditioning season, Is also the largest air-conditioning fault season. Today, let’s talk about a few reasons Automobile air conditioning refrigeration and air conditioning maintenance methods, in order to repair the friends find fault.

conditioning compressor, a throttling or expansion valve damage

the air conditioner compressor circles the saying ” high and low pressure, low pressure, for compressor “air conditioner compressor damage probability Is not high, the expansion valve and the throttle fault directly leads to poor air conditioning and refrigeration.

lack of refrigerant

Since the air conditioner sealing means Is not absolutely tight, so the general air conditioning refrigerant Will scattered. Therefore, ordinary vehicles need every 2 – 3 years to add refrigerant. Some Cars even once a year

If the Automotive air conditioning and refrigeration bad, after filling refrigerant period of time, it Will start cooling bad. When thIs happens, the condenser leak. The method Is quite laborious check for leaks. In general, the fluorine oil was added fluorescent agent, with a special glass to check, then a leak can be found! Another relatively simple method for serious leakage, the grease can be seen clearly in the case where the surface of the condenser through the intermediate network. In thIs case, there Is usually a condenser leaks.

condenser Is dirty

In the summer, people often find bad air conditioning, refrigeration, air-conditioning system does not check the problem. High and low pressure normal. At thIs time, the tank Is usually clean. The main purpose of cleaning the water tank and the condenser Is the heat. Spring, when Yang catkins attached to the condenser, engine temperature Will be too high, or air conditioning Will be bad. Therefore, the owner must be affixed with a lot of fur on whether to check the water tank after the spring. Cleaning, must pay attention to blow clean with a blow gun, and blown clean using water. OtherwIse, it Will backfire. Not only bad air conditioning fuel consumption Will increase

air conditioning flap damage

Air conditioning flapMotor damage Is relatively small, but never happened. If the motor has a problem, it Will have trouble. Flap motors are typically located in the lower instrument panel, air conditioning outlet belonging to the main switch. If it Is broken, it means that the switch Is broken. Even air conditioning can be refrigeration, cold air can only come out through the cracks. When you do not find air conditioning when open, you should be Careful. Replace the motor need to dIsassemble the dashboard, which Is a huge project.