Automotive air conditioning maintenance personnel inspection methods What? After understanding the following easy method to master!

starting the engine rotational speed and stable at 1500r / min, the condenser and the evaporator of the air conditioning system and a fan dIsposed upshift starts, Is set in the function keys or the Max A / C. And moving the temperature adjustment key from Cool → Warm. Warm slowly to then move the Cool, manipulation or measuring handle air conditioner blow temperature change as well as control keys Is flexible, and lightweight. One, the operation sound from the conditions of the compressor to determine its operating condition, when the compressor hear the outgoing sound crIsp, uniform sound beating valve, which Is normal; when knocking sound heard, signifies refrigerants “slugging” sound or Ben oil (excess oil) knock and other faults; heavier body when hear friction noIse and friction clutch sometimes emit acoustic (and heat generation), indicates that the compressor Is too heavy load, insufficient grease or oil off the clutch slipping due; hear when there Is external flop, not a V-belt Is too loose due to severe wear. Also, lIsten to the fan inside the air conditioner turning whether there was a noIse.

If the fan Is a noIse or crashing object Is a blade or a fan bearing wear or lack of oil. When during shutdown, more clearly hear the sound of successive impacts of moving parts in the body, Is the wear of moving parts inside the serious causes between the shaft and the bearing, between the pIston and cylinder, the link between the shaft the gap Is too large or loosen. Second look, first observe the condenser surface cleaning, since dirt and debrIs attached to the condenser, Will affect the cooling effect. Usually have to constantly washed with water condenser. It should be noted that, when cleaning the condenser, the fins do not touch the modification.

For the deformed fins should Carefully rectified by a needle-nose pliers. Automobile air conditioner evaporator inlet, normally Cars are equipped with air filter. Therefore, regular observation week evaporator, clean appearance of debrIs, dirt and blow a clean surface of the evaporator with a high-pressure gas, and the heat transfer coefficient decreased in order to avoid unclean air conditioning supply. Are all connections air conditioning and refrigeration systems are observed grease. Once grease, herein described refrigerant leak, when the leak detector or other types of application of electronic device leak check. Once determined that there Is refrigerant leakage or, must immediately try to troubleshoot.

systemThere are key parts of the compressor shaft seal leakage check cooling system, front cover gaskets, service valves, safety valves and the like. Carefully check all hoses for wear strips, aging, bubbling, cracking and leakage of grease and other phenomena. Because cold Car heating systems with a large number of rubber tubes, easy to wear and friction in the vehicle body Cars during chatter, easily subjected to high temperatures due to aging in an engine room, refrigerant pipe crack easily under low temperature, resulting in the refrigerant light lubricating oil leakage and freezing, moIsture, air and dust infiltration, and the various components of the compressor damage. Thus, if it Is found in contact with the rubber tube and the engine, and spaced apart in time to secure the rubber tube. Hose through the metal plate, the general should have a protective cover, and note the protective cover should be strong, otherwIse it Will cut metal hose. Three touch, touch by hand the temperature of the air conditioning system Is running in the pipes and the various components.

Usually, under normal circumstances, line temperature high-pressure side should be in the range of 55 ~ 65 ℃, and the low-pressure line because at low temperature, the low-side and conduit means connecting the junction portions of the surface are exposed to water. Carefully hand contact when touching the high-pressure region, in particular a high-pressure end of the metal member, such as an outlet valve of the compressor, a condenser, a drier, etc., these portions are to be heated, heat Is not hot and feel, may considered normal; if feels hot, you should first check whether the well-cooled condenser, condenser surface Is clean and free of debrIs, capacity of the fan Is too small. In thIs case the condenser can try to blow against the large fan, if the surface Is still hot, it may be caused by excessive refrigerant (observation hole and should be combined to determine the gauge). If the high-pressure side feel enough heat, it Is too small compared with the refrigerant; if the temperature does not change, compared with the refrigerant leakage light.

If the water dew or frost on the drier, indicating that the desiccant has broken, blocking the flow of the refrigerant pipe, and here the front end of the high pressure area feels very hot. At thIs point must be removed as soon as possible congestion problems, replace it with a new drier. Feel thermal expansion valve Is rather special, it Is connected at the refrigerant inlet Is hot, and Is connected to the outlet of the cooler, a drop of water, indicating that the valve opening of the expansion valve has been blocked, the reason may be debrIs clogging, leakage or refrigerant systems into the water to produce ice block must immediately replace the desiccant and the filter. If thIs treatment does not solve the problem, you need toReplaced by a new replacement refrigerant expansion valve. Low touch the air conditioning system must be absolutely safe from moving parts V belt bruIsed body.