Automotive air conditioning maintenance needs pay attention to what? These places do not forget!

We always pay attention to the oil and three filter maintenance, but the air conditioning maintenance but ignored. Today I’ll tell you where to pay attention to the Automotive air conditioning maintenance.

conditioning maintenance has many advantages, if the air-conditioning wind blown dust and odor, it must be cleaned, if the air conditioning cooling effect Is poor, increased fuel consumption, which also said that should the maintenance.

on the usual use of air conditioning, many people believe that the air conditioning was greater the higher fuel consumption and therefore choose a small amount of wind. In fact, thIs Is a mIsunderstanding, air conditioning in use, dust, bacteria, dirt accumulation, prolonged use of a small amount of wind, it Is not easy to dIscharge air conditioning dirt, dirt piled up, it Will definitely affect the long-term health.

Maintenance cleaning air conditioner generally includes items of washing clean air filter, air handling cycle, the wash cleaning air conditioning cycle, a heat sink.

a, cleaning the evaporator

Automotive air conditioning radiators, evaporators and other large surface of dust and dirt accumulation , small dIscharge air volume or significant odor must be considered when cleaning the evaporator. In fact, the evaporator does not require frequent cleaning, at least do not need to be cleaned or replaced as frequently as air conditioning filter, usually once a year sterilization, sterilized replace the air conditioning filter.

Second, the cleaning blower, and the blower inlet

the blower air intake port directly determines the quality of air inside the vehicle mass, if the contaminated air in the intake phase, even if the air conditioner filters, odor and bacteria Will enter the Car, the air inlet should be cleaned.

Third, the clean air conditioning ducts each

In the case of the air conditioning filter replacement Is still just smell should be considered clean up the air conditioning ducts. Parked in a good environment where the air, the outer loop Is opened to the air conditioning switch block natural ventilation, the alignment of the detergent sprayed into the air outlet duct homogeneous after a few minutes opening the window ventilation and air conditioning completely on the line.

Fourth, check and replace the air conditioning filter

air conditioning filter maintenance should be well known, air-conditioning filter It Is crucial in ensuring the quality of air inside the vehicle. Air conditioning filters price Is not high, for their own health must be regularly checked and replaced.