Automotive air conditioning maintenance free? If ignored, sooner or later because it Is a major event!

Automotive air conditioning maintenance free? If ignored, sooner or later because it Is a major event!

to know that among our Automotive interior, air conditioning Is definitely a part of that we have to manipulate, then the Car air-conditioning, for the whole Car Is a very important component, for our winter heating, summer can be cool for us, then we Will also affect driving and ride comfort, many of my friends and sometimes feel that thIs aspect does not need to be too little attention. In fact, to understand how to use and protect the Car’s air conditioning Is still very necessary.

In general, we for air conditioning maintenance Is to replace the filter, because its role Is to filter the air conditioning blowing, and we have air conditioning at home Is a concept, no matter what mode on the air inside and outside the Car must go through to be able to enter our air-conditioned Car, so many of my friends do not understand the replacement cycle of our article, in fact, in thIs case, according to the manufacturer’s requirement Is 10,000 kilometers a year once a replacement.

then the Car air conditioner filter Is divided into three types in total, who are the ordinary and activated Carbon air filter and he pa , Common inspirational, except that the nonwoven fabric of the filter material, after a certain degree of folding wrinkles, but to achieve the air filter, such filtration Is the basIs of comparIson. The activated Carbon Surely we know, thIs Is the purified, but there Is a double protection, while the third Is relatively little sense of technology Is to filter the air by high efficiency particle, of which the highest price, then he and Adventure travel Is better.

indIspensable tank and condenser air conditioning system, their role Is very large, if these two places for a long time does not clean up Will affect the heat, although on the surface we were able to open normal air conditioning system, but our fuel consumption Will increase, so we have inside the engine compartment clean.

especially in the summer season, we have the rightThe air temperature Is cool not only for us, but also can play the role of fuel-efficient, so our air conditioning to keep the inside temperature generally between about 23 degrees, then fully meet my request, but before reaching the destination advance closed air-conditioning, open the natural wind, the temperature rIse inside the air-conditioning we eliminate the gap with the outside temperature, so as to maintain the temperature of our relatively dry air-conditioning system, our internal structure to avoid the proliferation of bacteria.

so that air conditioning Is a good friend of our summer essential, but if you do not treat him well, he Will cause us damage, and proper maintenance can ensure that our air quality inside the Car, and who do not want in the summer so hot, no air conditioning and sitting in the Car to drive it. So it must be regularly inspected, not because we have a moment of laziness, and cause our future trouble.