Automotive air conditioning maintenance, be sure to know these details, or else late to the conservation of the big money

at the time of the arrival of summer, there are a lot of riders started from the air conditioning, and some found the air conditioning refrigeration, air conditioning or cooling degree Is not enough, there Is the air inside the pipeline smell, recently also often into the store to check the status of air conditioning Is not cooling, then today to share a case I encountered in a practice analysIs, but also to the side of the faithful Car mind you, but also to engage in Auto repair industry analysIs of some simple ideas.

have a domestic Car into the store to check the air conditioning Is not cooling in the last week, so I started checking air conditioning inside the pressure with a gauge and found significantly lower pressure to the standard value, the time line there are suspected leak, then begin manometer connected to the pressure detected, the pressure reaches a certain degree, so they usually froth watering bottle inspection, we found out a long time no place to leak, while the outside of the tubing and condenser not wet, because under the previous approach Is to look at the appearance.

From the outside, and no significant moIsture, then foamed water inspection also found no leakage indication, thIs time suspected inside the evaporator tank of the so necessary to dIsassemble the dashboard, instrument panel once removed the customer’s vehicle can not be driven away, so ask the customer Is not required to drive the near future, customers that need the Car, then opened the first go back and have time to come over to check as soon as possible in the near future, because the Car Is still in the warranty period, while the summer Is hot weather to the customer needs the Car, once dIsmantling takes a week or so, because there are still the order of the middle period.

so in yesterday’s time to customer vehicle to the shop put about ten days so I started dIsmantling the dashboard, thIs Is a very complex process the process Is a time-consuming and laborious live, so I got thIs live Is bound to try every way to solve thIs problem, then put in three hours removing the instrument panel, and then turn on the heating and evaporation of the water tank out box, making air conditioning pipe connection, experiments conducted to check suppression.

still do not see a problem to start the evaporation tank, because in previous cases the evaporation tank Is bound to leakThere humid places, but after thIs evaporation tank removed and found no leak place, very depressed at thIs time, how could it? Is it cold pump leakage, in previous cases also have such a situation, no matter what good first line Is connected to suppress detection, detection of the pressure when really find thIs place evaporation tank leaked, then take a picture video recording feedback manufacturers.

because the Car was more than 20,000 kilometers, or a new Car so he ordered it to wait for manufacturers shipped directly to the installation on it. If you have a Car air-conditioning have more understanding or insight in the comments below welcome dIscussions and exchange learning.

Is thIs bubble see a leak place