Automotive air conditioning like to drive a tractor, loud and fuel consumption? 1 recruit older drivers, a month and a half tank of fuel Province

hot summer arrived, they went to the Car hot ass, when driving straight sweat, so thIs time, the air conditioning for the drivers, it can be said that the most important It exIsts. But many people know, if summer air conditioning has really cost oil, and now the oil price Is so expensive, people really Routeng, then, want fuel-efficient, want air conditioning, how does it work? Little below compiled on older drivers to share a few ways to tell you, let you easily fuel-efficient.

clean air outlet

before entering the summer, check the air conditioning system and ultimately, in many cases, air conditioning failure Is mainly due to increased fuel consumption, and thIs failure Is often conditioned air Is cleaner, too dirty or clogged, but in the case of the owner’s knowledge, often choose to increase the wind speed, which Is inevitable It Will increase fuel consumption. Therefore, we must remember that the air cleaning Is very important, and now professional cleaners and cleaning brush, can easily put the Issue to seal the deal.

air conditioning have tips

A lot of people afraid of the heat, the summer into a Car on the open air, but was drying off the Car temperature Is higher than outside, so air conditioning Is not only super fuel, refrigeration Is still very slow. We remember, the Car must first open the window, put the Car dIssipate heat, and then open the outside open air circulation, fresh air into the Car after a few minutes, then shut the window switch to the inner loop Is OK . Both to rapid cooling, engine idling does not give any additional burden, increased fuel consumption, it can be said Is both fuel-efficient and protect the engine.

Temperature regulation

conditioning by air blower, adjustable air volume, fuel consumption substantially no influence, so air volume can be adjusted, but the air conditioning compressor Is directly coupled to the engine, the temperature of the high and low fuel consumption Will be affected. A lot of people into the Car, Will direct the temperature to the lowest temperature, and then start the Car, so air conditioning pumps Will keep running, resulting in heavier burden on the engine, fuel consumption Will be doubled. In fact, the Automotive air conditioning temperature Is set at 25℃ more fuel-efficient, the owners have developed a habit, 12L fuel consumption every month, almost only need to only about 9 liters.