Automotive air conditioning less open and normally open, which Is more to hurt the car? LIsten to say how old driver

Now very few vehicles without air conditioning, but many owners for the use of air conditioning and cleaning are still mIsunderstood. Today, Xiao Bian here to popularize knowledge of Automotive air-conditioning, I hope we all understand the air conditioning.

1, first of all, let’s talk about the result of not using air conditioning. Air conditioner rubber ring, known properties of the rubber, and as the material of the wiper. Rubber neither heat resIstance nor abrasion resIstance, regardless of whether long-term use, the rubber band Will be aging. The best situation Is to open the air conditioning several times a week, regardless of whether it Is used, so that air conditioning work for some time, even if the work Is not long.

2, assuming that there Is an extreme case, the air conditioning Is always long-term operation. In fact the air conditioning to work long hours, the condenser Is always in working condition. In thIs case, the condenser pressure becomes very high, the air conditioning freon Is severely depleted, the entire cooling system come at a cost. Thus in the usual case, if the inside temperature Is not too high, it Is preferable to turn off the air conditioning, the temperature rIse and the like before opening. ThIs Is not only for Cars, but also for our health.

3, open air smell the odor, bacteria can be seen that the air conditioning has blooms. It must be cleaned on a regular basIs to confirm whether the filter needs to be replaced, if musty. The air-conditioned structure Is through the air conditioning filters, air conditioning filter to filter the air foreign objects and dust before the outside air enters the filter should be changed regularly to prevent bacterial and fungal reproduction, consider switching once a year, in special circumstances, then filters can be changed twice a year, after all, air conditioning filters price Is not high.

4, if you replace air conditioning filters or odor, we should find out the reasons in other places, especially the part of the evaporation tank containing bacteria. After replacing the air conditioning filter, clean thIs part, the principle of evaporation tank Is alternating hot and cold, bacteria, fungi and other easy to breed, mites may also exIst, so we should pay attention.

5, to avoid an erroneous operation of one of a long time without opening theMinIstry cycle. Air conditioning understand friends may know, in general, we cycle from the outside, so that the outside air in place of air conditioning. However, long-term means of internal circulation of air inside has been in circulation, which Will make people feel difficulty in breathing, because the oxygen content in the air has been reduced. If you want to open the inner loop, the best way Is to alternately use the inner and outer loop. It should also be noted that the inner loop should not have got on the start. Air quality Is not very good on the Car, because the air all night without ventilation. Especially in summer, you should first open the window ventilation, and then open the outer loop, slightly open ten minutes and then switch inside the loop.