Automotive air conditioning Is not open for a long time “cooling”? Old drivers to teach you three steps, cool wind big thief

Automotive air conditioning Is not open for a long time “cooling”? Old drivers to teach you three steps, large wind thief cool

have been very high summer temperatures, even open air, driving a Car on the road can feel the hot weather If thIs time air conditioning Is broken, then it’s even more painful. If you do not want to happen like thIs on himself, then certainly we must make early prevention, and today we’ll look at it for a long time do not open the Car air conditioning “cooling”? Old drivers to teach you three steps, large wind thief cool.

The first reason Is that a dirty condenser. Summer found that when the air conditioning running, go to the store to check often find air-conditioning system Is no problem, high and low Is basically in the normal range. 4S shop to repair it, the shop Will tend to wash water tank, in fact, the purpose of cleaning the condenser water tank Is for heat dIssipation in the spring when there Will be a lot of Yang Xu catkins are stuck on top of the condenser, causing the engine temperature Is too high, then bad the air conditioning running, so when passed after the spring, the owners must check their water tank above paste Is not a lot of hair. Cleaning when we must want to blow gun hair blown clean, then use the water gun cleaning, otherwIse it Will have little effect, not only did not fix the air conditioning, fuel consumption Will increase.

The second reason Is that the air filter Is clogged. In addition to the condenser, air-conditioning filter Is also a very important factor affecting its cooling. Many people should know that the filter function Is to keep out dust inside the Car, in fact, for the cooling effect of the Car and did not have much impact. However, if the filter Is clogged very serious, it would be the impact of the wind turbine, which led to the air conditioning cooling effect of variation. In general, the air conditioning filter Is placed inside the glove box, after removing the glove box can be seen, and some are there in the engine compartment. If your Car has been sent for maintenance, then, should be the position of the filter element Is more familiar.

The third reason Is the improper amount of the refrigerant. The problems Will arIse with more or with less words. If too much refrigerant, generally because of maintenance at the time, adding the content of refrigerantThere Is a certain percentage of the requirements, if too much cooling effect Will have an impact, too little, then thIs Will lead to the absorption of heat Will fall, thIs time the cooling effect it worse.

In addition to these reasons, there are other reasons because the air conditioning Is probably a replica of motor damage, thIs Is a problem, then you Will have trouble. Because it Is broken it means that the switch Is also bad, and even useful and only a little bit of wind blowing, thIs Is the best time to find someone to repair.