Automotive air conditioning how much oil can cost? How to use the most fuel-efficient?

The weather Is getting hot, muggy compartment unbearable, many Car owners have started to air conditioning. I have to say, today’s high oil prices, so many small partners to worry about the problem: air conditioning cost oil ah, plus much more thIs time they open a few dollars of gas. Then the air conditioning really cost oil do? The most fuel-efficient talent how to open it?

summer Automotive air conditioning in the end how much oil consumption?

It Is understood that the Car Is a corresponding increase in fuel consumption and use of air conditioning, but how much can increase the magnitude of the majority owners of thIs still relatively vague. In fact, 20% of Automotive air-conditioning accounts for about engine power, so the air conditioning can use up part of the engine power, fuel consumption Will increase, specific fuel consumption and vehicle emIssions and increase the amount of speed related. Usually hundred kilometers 10 liters of Car fuel consumption of air conditioning Will increase about 2 liters. Impact on fuel consumption of air conditioning Is very obvious, the effects of different amounts of air Will have to be smaller.

a simple example, suppose your Car city commuter, comprehensive calculation of one hundred kilometers 10 liters of oil. To compare the average Car count of 25 kilometers per day: open 25 km, fuel consumption 2.5L = 16.1 million (6.44 yuan / liter); air conditioning fuel consumption of 3L = 19.32 Yuan: spend 3.22 yuan.

How to open the Car’s air conditioning most fuel-efficient Car?

1, grasp the opportunity of good air conditioning

a lot of people are used to open the Car into circulation within the air conditioning, but the temperature inside the Car Is higher than the outside temperature, so thIs effect but not good . At first enter the Car, you should open the window ventilation, and open the outer loop, the hot air are dIscharged. After the temperature inside other drops, and then into the circulation. ThIs does not add any burden to the idling of the engine, both fuel-efficient and protect the engine. Before reaching its destination, the early closure of air, without waiting Turn off the heat before air conditioning, when the destination 1.5 kilometers away from the air conditioning can be switched off, then open outdoor recycling, the use of wind and air conditioning sweltering, also can keep the cabin cool. ThIs Will not only save the energy consumption can be sufficiently dried while the surface of the evaporator, air conditioning to prevent odors.

2, adjust the direction

to adjust the air-conditioning wind and temperature also affect fuel consumption. When the air conditioning, to wind up, because cold air Is sinking, you can heat and to rIseAnd gas, cooling speed Is the fastest. The air conditioning Is usually around 25 ° C, the beginning may feel hot, it cools slowly, if the Car Is too large temperature difference between inside and outside, people are vulnerable to cold.

3, always check the air conditioning vent

air conditioning vents to ensure smooth and free of debrIs to avoid being blocked foreign body, affecting the wind, thIs Will make people advance increase the air-conditioning gear, it Will increase fuel consumption.

4, alternately switching the urban traffic

The low speed start-stop urban driving Is the most expensive oil, engine heat Is not good at the start and start air-conditioning plus We need a lot of power support, so fuel consumption in particular. In thIs case, a window may be considered to drive off the air conditioner; two alternative methods may be employed air conditioner switch to summer.

5, select the air-conditioning gear

When comparing the number of the Car Is small, such as less than 2, a general air conditioner can be a file, do not sweat on the line, do not adjust the temperature Is too low, no need to open the high gear, or can only increase the number of fuel consumption. When more manned, it can be an appropriate increase in the stalls.

6, after the air conditioning slow refueling

When the vehicle Is turned on air conditioning, small-dIsplacement Cars power Will be significantly affected, large dIsplacement Cars do not feel it, low-emIssion vehicles to pay attention, not the pursuit of high-powered and pedal to the metal, which increases fuel consumption, and not to mention speed up. Should be based on road conditions slow refueling, speed up and deepen after the throttle.

7, not fuel-efficient windows

Do not think the summer Is their fuel-efficient way to fight back summer heat, killing not air conditioning. In fact, no air conditioning Is not open on certain fuel-efficient. In terms of less than 60 kilometers per hour when traveling, which Is not a stuffy place owners to non-air conditioning Is not available, or turn off air conditioning, natural ventilation windows. However, if the vehicle speed exceeds 75km / h, due to the large open windows, Car to overcome the resIstance of the air, fuel Is usually 1.5 times!

high and low air temperature and fuel consumption, though?

thIs thing right, it should be divided. Because there are two air-conditioned Car with a given row Is air-conditioned, one Is variable row air conditioning. in caseIt Is given row air conditioning, temperature and fuel consumption level of just okay. ThIs fixed row air conditioning Is generally used in manual air conditioning, whether you open windy, whether you open more cool, as long as the compressor Is turned on, it Is the same output power (work) fuel consumption essentially unchanged. Variable row air conditioning Is not the case, the compressor power Is transferred credentials you to change the temperature, the more you tune low temperature, the greater the power of the compressor. In other words, if your Car’s air conditioning Is becoming row air conditioning, then you adjust the temperature to be lower, the higher the fuel consumption.

air conditioning air volume with fuel consumption, though?

an Automotive air conditioning refrigeration and air are two systems, conditioned air Is determined by the size of the amount of the rotational speed of the size of the blower, and the blower power consumption with no direct relation.

air conditioning does not cool how Is it?

described a small partner, opened twenty minutes later without refrigeration, the Master that can be divided into two cases simple inspection.

1, take a look at the problem Is not the refrigerant, check the piping air conditioning system Is not aging. Line, then aging Is likely to cause leakage of the refrigerant. No refrigerant, air conditioning certainly not cool ah (lack of refrigerant, then can go to the repair shop for filling).

2, compressor failure, if compressor failure, the sense of air conditioning repair it … as the core component, it Is certainly not broken air conditioning work.

at the time of inspection, be sure to check the refrigerant, because when the lack of refrigerant compressors Will be affected, if you go to the repair shop when people say bad compressor directly with you, much may leave the acting.