Automotive air conditioning high pressure low pressure high normal, causes, and solutions

As the thermal energy transfer medium Is a refrigerant unique air conditioning system and producing a cooling effect, its operating state Is good or bad Will directly affect the cooling capacity of the Automotive air conditioning. So for air conditioning refrigerant, if the low pressure Is high, and high pressure Is normal, then what causes it?

conditioning the normal operating pressure on the high-pressure

Under normal circumstances, when the compressor 1500-2000rpm , high pressure of about 1.5-2.0mpa, and a low pressure of about 0.15-0.35mpa.

Of course, if the vehicle ambient temperature Is high, the high pressure may reach 2.5-2.8mpa, but generally not more than of 3.1 MPa, otherwIse it Will trigger pressure protection switch (for to protect the safe operation of the air conditioning compressor, air-conditioning systems are generally provided with a vehicle pressure protection switch, when the air conditioning system pressure Is too high or too low, the air conditioner pressure switch Will be triggered and the air conditioning compressor to stop working).

Automotive air conditioning high and low pressure, high-pressure normal reason

When the Car air conditioner of Reduced low pressure, high-pressure normal when it Is most likely because the air conditioner expansion valve due to malfunction or damage.


Automotive air conditioning high and low pressure, high pressure normal solution Is very simple, just air conditioning Remove the expansion valve, and check its normal operating state, if a failure does occur damaged, replacement can be performed directly.


Since the expansion valve Automotive air conditioning system of the vehicle firewall side, dIsassembly Is very inconvenient, and also the need for air conditioning refrigerant recycling Carried out temporary, large projects, so we suggest that you can go 4S shop to process, and if it yourself, then I am afraid that would be counterproductive.