Automotive air conditioning five skills, good use of fuel-efficient and cool!

The hot summer has come, the majority of owners after the invasion by some heat waves have opened air-conditioned Car, no way not open ah dead heat, but the air conditioning a long time that oil of seeing bass bass fall down, the recent oil price has gone up, how to do it? What Is a good way to be in thIs hot summer and cool the fuel-efficient it?

The first point to remember to turn on air conditioning before the windows are open some fresh air, you think about hot day your Car windows closed dIscharge one night, early in the morning when the temperature inside the vehicle must still high, so once you open the Car air conditioning First bad, harmful to the body, and second you turn on the air temperature inside the Car Will be more high cost of oil, so we open the windows every morning to let air circulate a ten minutes, so that would make the air quality inside the Car increases the temperature Will quickly drop down, so before the first open air Car window ventilation Is necessary .

The second point of the air conditioning airflow to face, we liked the air conditioning airflow against hIs blow, I feel so cool, in fact, the correct approach Is to air conditioning upward, which would allow a faster decline in temperature inside the Car, Is not very cost oil, so thIs points up the air conditioning vent Is necessary.

The third point some people like to drive in the open air and the windows open, which I do not know what to say, maybe you do not Care about the money home thIs oil money, but compared to these wealthy people and those of us ordinary people can not be so generous, so I suggest that when the air conditioning or close the window now.

The fourth summer open air Car owners not only pay attention to how fuel-efficient, as well as concern about the air conditioning itself, after all, good cooling effect and air-conditioning Is not good to speak directly and so we have the temperature inside the Car reaches a certain, turn off the air conditioner and let it rest for a while, and when the Car Is idling for a long time, we have to be Careful not to open air, because burning gasoline at thIs time Is not enough fully, which Will produce some toxic gases, such as Carbon monoxide, etc., inside the Car Is also a good sealing of space, easily lead poIsoning.

The fifth point do not stop immediately turn off the air conditioner, immediately turn off the air conditioning when the Car Will stop if a bad influence, we should be in the Car turn off air conditioning a few minutes before the flame, and do not turn off the blower, to do so Will make the moIsture in the air-conditioning was dry, so the next time you start when the air conditioning Will not be an additional burden on the air conditioner.

Well, today said these points we all remember it? Proper use of air conditioning in our Car Is still good.