Automotive air conditioning does not cool summer we supposed to? These problems are solved, the interior temperature drops several degrees

With the arrival of the dog days of summer, the weather Is getting hot, air conditioning Is also a test of the Car started, more and more people Will feel the air conditioning Is not cool. At least I experienced a day sweating day. So cool summer Car air conditioning Is not supposed to? These problems are solved, the interior temperature dropped several degrees, today small to put hIs experience to others.

At first into the summer, I went to the 4S shop to check the air conditioning again, and no lack of freon, air conditioning running everything Is normal. But days after entering the dog day, air conditioning obviously Is not getting cold, noon driving a Car Is very easy to raIse the water temperature, and later a friend went to the store a thorough examination of the way a bit, and there Is no lack of freon. Later, friends Carefully, for my vehicle to do a thorough check, really did not expect to find a few questions, and thIs Is driving many friends easily overlooked. After

First, we put an air conditioning filter removed, because the outside air filter, air filter side has a lot of dust, the air filter we It was replaced, after the air-conditioning fan start again, noIse Is also small.

Then we took a look, installed in front of the air-conditioning condenser, was found after a spring and summer succeed, we more Willow here, condenser surface thIs and other debrIs leaning on large catkins, catkins like most of the cotton, as to the air-conditioning condenser cover the quilt as a friend with an air gun to go in depth, the catkins and other debrIs cleaned up, then it Is using water condenser thorough cleaning, water flows down Is turbid, the vIsible surface of the air-conditioning condenser Is much floating dust. When cleaning air conditioner condenser, air guns and water guns, and the condenser must be a certain dIstance, the gap perpendicular to the intermediate condenser, the fins avoid blown, air conditioning condenser cooling influence, self-defeating.

Later, a friend told me more about the methods to improve the air-conditioned cool of the condenser Is air conditioning heat sink, in addition to surface outside cleaning, air conditioning and water tanks are a certain dIstance, the middle Will be blocked, but some models it Is no blocking, so that the water tank electronic fan at work, there Is aPart of the airflow through the condenser and the intermediate tank through the gap, and there Is no air flow through the condenser to the tank through the front, so it Is difficult to cool the condenser, we only need to slit the tank and the condenser space Will be blocked on the line.

Second, in summer parking, try to avoid the water tank Is empty, stop, try to stop in a cool place, so that when we drove the Car the corresponding temperature Will be much lower, driving, you can put the door open, or open the windows and let it air circulation inside the Car.

After the open air, the selection cycle, which would allow instantaneous inside temperature down.

after a while busy with friends, again after the air conditioning, air conditioning obviously a lot of cool, hope my experience can help you.