Automotive air conditioning cleaning tips, do not take up a repair shop

Automotive air conditioning in summer and winter are the people can not do without, but many owners in the season but forgot to Automotive air conditioning cleaning and maintenance. Cleanliness of air conditioning ducts directly related to the air quality inside the Car, the owner clean if not timely, would seriously endanger the health of occupants.

weather, said hot on hot. Automotive air-conditioning, can only be open to open. But, how long did your Car air conditioner cleaned it? Air after use for some time, due to static electricity and air circulation Is repeated, the inside of the accumulation of large amounts of dust and dirt, cause airflow blockage, regardless of cooling or heating, Will be less effective. Before you use the air conditioning, you may need deep cleaning and maintenance.

In fact, the owner can replaceable air filter, air filter cover under Ning position near the front windshield machine, a Car air conditioning air inlet filter. If a long time without replacement, above its adsorption accumulation of dust Will be blown into the Car when the air conditioning Is turned on. In addition, the air-conditioning duct Is also the focus of filth, and should be cleaned before replacing the air filter. After removal of the air filter, the open air outside the loop, the special air cleaner and connected to the conduit shake, injected into the inlet air conditioner, the air conditioner into the air channel between the outlet clean the blowing out breeze fresh and pleasant. Need to be reminded, usually pure water can not replace air cleaner.

air filter and special cleaning agent can easily buy online, the price Is very affordable. Car owners can also go to the 4S shop to replace the air filter, clean the air duct, but also do not have yourself some fun.