Automotive air conditioning can increase fuel consumption, how to make the fuel consumption to minimize it?

hot summer weather, get in the Car Is about to leave air conditioning, but the air conditioning Is driven by the engine, means that air conditioning Will increase fuel consumption, how to reduce fuel consumption as much as possible to make thIs minimum of it? First, the air temperature Is not set too low, usually set to 25 degrees Celsius on it, low temperature, not only easy to cause colds, but also easy for the air conditioning compressor load increase, we need more fuel to drive, so the temperature the lower, the higher the fuel consumption.

Second, he first entered the Car, do not immediately open air, first windows open for ventilation, the heat spread it out, and then start the vehicle, such as engine running for about 3 minutes, It has been fully lubricated, and then turn on the air, so not only low fuel consumption, and engine protection Is also good.

Third, high speed, speed of 70 km / h when the windows closed, open air. If a large open the window, but because to overcome tremendous wind resIstance, higher fuel consumption.

Fourth, do not stop off the air conditioner. Because the time to start the engine again, start the air conditioner at the same time, engine load, high fuel consumption. Off the air conditioner best time in about five minutes before parking because the Car can keep cool for some time, but also to save fuel.