Automobile tires nitrogen What are the benefits? Really old driver who said so right?

Car tire nitrogen What are the benefits? Really old driver who said so right?

Is referred to as nitrogen Is an inert gas, chemically more stable than oxygen, so high precIsion in the control of some vehicles, such as Cars, industrial machinery vehicles, aircraft and spacecraft above, Is nitrogen filled tires. Some consumers believe that thIs Is a good choice for nitrogen in the general vehicle, the air contains 78% nitrogen, and nitrogen containing 93% of tires 95% nitrogen. From the data, the gap Is not very big, but the impact point of the gap ultimately be?

Nitrogen can be improved tire comfort and driving stability. Nitrogen molecules Is greater than molecular oxygen, the deformation Is small, the speed of penetration of less than half of the sidewall air velocity, it Is possible to ensure long-term stability of the tire pressure. ThIs also improves stability and driving comfort. And the audio nitrogen conductivity Is low, only 20% of the air, it Is possible to significantly reduce the vibration and noIse of the traffic, etc., to further enhance the driving stability and comfort. Change tires filled with nitrogen at various speeds are stable, the same growth rate pressures, and that we usually hear about in the tire shop filled with nitrogen gas pressure Is more stable than the charge air pressure to say there Is a great deviation.

Nitrogen Is an inert gas, are very stable Is not formed within a tire compounds with other substances, no oxidation, corrosion metals, and water-free pure nitrogen, the evaporation of water Will not heat generated in the tire when traveling at high speed, causing the tire pressure Is too high, the charge ratio of the general air safety. Slow warming nitrogen, compared to air as a high purity oxygen-free nitrogen gas, and oil-free, water, a low coefficient of expansion, thermal conductivity Is poor, so the tires filled with nitrogen at a high speed for a long time, like the air temperature of the tire does not rIse as fast.

Pressure and temperature changes within the tire than less, since nitrogen Is an inert gas, it Is not easy to chemically react with other gases. Rubber molecule in the ratio of oxygen to nitrogen partialSub-volume large, so it leaks less, about 30% -40 extra time, no flat tire pressure. The temperature of the tire does not easily rIse, less thermal expansion, the overall stability of the tire group of the various parts Will not cause harm.

repair old drivers think, Cars there Is no rush to tire of nitrogen necessary to the normal speed of 120KM in the hot summer months, when the tire without internal injury, the chance of a normal Car with a tire puncture Is almost zero, to say the weather Is hot, tropical climate than we people of thIs heat more than you? People tires are filled with nitrogen yet? So I feel the family Car tire filled with nitrogen Is not only a waste of money, but also ruin the tire (tire case evacuation) In fact, there Is no need!