Automobile tires Is very important that you know how long a tire change once it

for Automobile, tires Is relatively very important part of Automobile parts, there Is no tire, road Cars can not properly accelerate the ride. So good or bad tires, how to maintain a very important part. Good tire handling, noIse, comfort, grip aspects are able to provide good treat. So how long to change a tire, how to maintain should I do?

First, when the tire noIse becomes large, to check whether the tires have a situation drum kits and so on, if not, may be damaged Automobile bearings, must be promptly Car open to the 4S shop inspection and replacement, or cause irreparable damage to the vehicles and passengers Will be.

Second, if found to have cracks in the tires and jogging gas, it Is best to change a tire, thIs time the tires may be too old, stick, causing great harm. Tire drum kits because the sides of the tire cord breakage due to the driving tire Is normally found and rub nails, often leads to the use of the tire puncture.

again, if too much tire wear should be replaced. When the tire wear as low as 1.6mm, need to be replaced. The tire Is rolling over three times holes need to be replaced. General tire service life about four or five years, after thIs Is the best time to be replaced.

tire to how to maintain it? Usually use as much as possible to avoid potholes route, do not press the curb, once the tire has found stones, clean.