Automobile tires in the end may be a few years? Having to lIsten to insiders, immediately go to the repair shop checked the

a mention of the most important parts of the Car itself, many people Will answer directly out of the engine. In fact, for the Car tires it Is also important. Tires for the Car Is the Car of the four legs, if only to Cars with an engine no tires, then the Car Will just an empty shell. There Is no way to play a practical role, thIs Car Is not in use. Not only that, the Car’s tires on the Car’s performance has also a great influence, especially on the safety performance of the Car Will also be involved, but the Car’s tires can run many years? Or how often to replace a Car tire Is the most appropriate? Having to lIsten to insiders, immediately go to the repair shop took a look, there are many owners feel that they are mIserable pit 4S shop, motionless let hIs replacement tires.

If a tire when the ideal, did not experience excessive wear and owners driving the Car when Is more Care, it Is usually like thIs Car tire can use 5 – 6 years, if the over 5–6 years has not been bad enough, small owners do not recommend re-use. Many people think that the useful life of the tires from the replacement tires start to the day, in fact, Is not the case, that that day should begin to run from the factory tires, some tires from production to installation to the Car, thIs time may have passed more than three months, and if a year longer and some are also possible. And each tire in the factory when the time Will be engraved in the wall of the tire tread, if they can not find, when you can make the selection of tire repair master told you!

However, if the Car Is to say the true sense of the life of the tire in the end Is how much time, in fact, Is not an accurate number of years, most of the Car’s tires according to the road Cars have to decide, you know it should now be considered the most reasonable way of replacement, according to U.S.’s relevant laws and regulations, limit tire wear Is 1.6MM. If you exceed thIs scale, the tires need to be replaced. ThIs 1.6MM can be seen out in the tire wear indicator, tire wear to mark time with flush, it Is thIs depth. Wear indicator arrow mark, along the direction indicated by the arrow mark, to the look of the tread, where you can see the pattern of the raIsed wear indicator.

Finally, Xiao Bian reminder: While some owners use small mileage Car, rarely drive, but also for the tires have a certain life span, not to say that the Car Is placed not open, tire would not be replaced. If you find the tires began to harden, aging and cracking, and that thIs time should go to 4s shops to replace the tire. Even if do not see anything unusual, you can go to check, because sometimes the driver may not see some small exceptions tires, need a professional point of view. So even if the surface Is not anything unusual, to a certain period of time, also need to check!