Automobile tires in the end can be used for many years? Older drivers: 80% of the 4S shop owners have been fooled too!

With the improvement of people’s economic level, more and more people buy Cars to seek convenient, although now the US Car ownership Is increasing, but the real people who understand the Car Is not that great! We all know that the engine Is the heart of a Car, the tires and the Car Is also important for the tires on the Car, such as legs, as if there Is no tire, that Car Is useless! In addition to affecting the performance of the Car outside, the tire also has a major impact on Car driving safety! What can a tire a few years? General To be safe, buy a Car in the 4S shop maintenance time Will tell you, the tires should be replaced once 3 years, and various statements about the tires, but also countless online, then you can use Car tires in the end how many years? Older drivers: 80% of the owners have been fooled too 4S shop.

In fact, tire usage time Is not specified number of years, and we are as applicable to deal with, and if you use frequency in recent years Is the Car low, tires you Will enchant you, it Is not clear, the tire can not be used in the following cases: if the situation drum kits with the tires, we should consider changing the tire. Some tire after some of the broken glass or nails pierced a small hole, we would choose to fill tires, some tires have been repaired if two or three times, it Is recommended that you replace, so the road safer.

but a very long time, even if you have only eight years with a million kilometers, although the number of small, but tire after wind and rain leaching Will not stand, so the possibility of requiring replacement Is relatively large. So Is the need to change a tire combination of the level of usage and usage time to judge, considered separately on the one hand Is of no use, there Is always check the spare tire, spare tire long-term use Is certainly not safe, tire size and specifications of the Car with on a smaller size it should be, so are generally limited speed prescribed, even if there Is a full-size spare tire place a long time and also because of aging.

Cars traveling at high speed when the temperature inside the tire rIses, damage the tires too much, then Will increase the probability of an accident, we usually for their own Car a lot of tire maintenance, always check the tire pressure, to adjust tire pressure, can effectively improve the tire life, so what’s generally no big deal. Preventive measures, weThe Car all the best equipment a spare tire, if you really taking a trip or drive to remote sections of the tire can not make, and thIs time you can think of ways to change down to it, you can avoid a lot of trouble.