Automobile exhaust noIse Is particularly large, thIs method can not stand two months of repairs, the replacement of the best!

Typically, the composition has several Automobile exhaust pipe portion, out of order from the engine exhaust manifold, catalytic converters, soft connection, a main silencer, the sub-mufflers. Anywhere broken or other damage, the Car Will cause noIse becomes particularly large. The most common injury Is a Car exhaust pipe: an exhaust pipe or exhaust muffler Is dIscharged from the engine corrosion.

then you might be wondering: Why so easily exhaust pipe corrosion rotten? Because it Will produce sulfur-phosphorus-containing corrosive gases inside the engine after the combustion of gasoline, etc., after mixing with water and then post-combustion, particularly for large metal corrosion. If the exhaust pipe metal material Is not good, most likely to damage, and corrosion of the exhaust pipe Is common in low-end Cars.

of the exhaust pipe failure problem, relatively speaking, relatively easy to find, with relatively simple processing, according to corrosion or welding or transducer! Just have a maintenance case, we come together to find out.

ThIs Is a JAC and Yue RS, 1.8 manual, currently with more than seventy thousand kilometers. NoIsy exhaust pipe, the Car was also being felt sharply, the exhaust pipe corrosion Is found rotten, just remove the service.

of FIG green arrows indicate master maintenance welding, corner broken; yellow arrow welding wire; red arrows indicate the last paragraph of the exhaust pipe, the main silencer, which has been rotten corrosion, replace the best, temporarily out of stock, only welding!

The picture shows the welding Master

of the exhaust pipe to break TIG welding place (inert gas welding using argon gas as a shielding gas, by making a high current welding consumables welded on the substrate to melt, so that they are connected together welding technique. argon gas to prevent oxidation of welding consumables.) in place of the exhaust pipe Is very thin, preferably by welding.


of the welding process, welding materials and high temperature green arrow red state.

The picture shows the welding process, welding the projecting forceps master beaten out by welding material.

The picture shows the welding machine during the welding process

As used under red numeral 72 representative current 72A.


The picture shows a circle in the muffler, which Is electricallyMaster welding welding up a little bit, but thIs silencer shaking chaotic, internal corrosion has been rotten, replacing the best, so welding Is good, with less than two months to die!

The following figure shows a further other make of Car, a small hole in the green region of the drainage Is now a lot of Cars below the muffler has such a drain hole, preventing silencer inside water corrosion.

jianghuai Car exhaust pipe such welding, Will not be long before corrosion was bad, palliative, and noIse Is also large, the best replacement. The owner also said that adhere to two months, a new one!

Car owners how do you think of thIs repair method? Your Car exhaust pipe have thIs problem? How to solve? Welcome to the exchange.