Automobile exhaust Is not up to repair shops that want to change the direct catalytic converters, which should not change?

exhaust testing Is the most important item shop, and now Is getting higher and higher emIssion standards, so more and more strict management, detection means more and more advanced. A lot of Car exhaust because of non-compliance can not be on the road, or non-compliance after repeated repairs, you can only select scrapped.

owners in the case of non-compliance appear exhaust, certainly the first time to detect repair shop to see in the end Is what there are problems, there Is no need for service, it Is recommended to give a lot of repair shops Is a direct replacement catalytic converters, catalytic converters and a price to be several thousand dollars for Car owners obviously Is not a small the cost, in thIs case, the owner Will consider the value of the Car, if you have not a dime a dozen certainly Will not replace the direct selection scrapped, but if the condition Is still relatively good, then certainly Willing to spend money to replace. But the key problem Is that exhaust Is not up, if you have to replace catalytic converters it?

vehicle exhaust Is not up to repair shops that want to change the direct catalytic converters, which should not change?

exhaust non-compliance, think of catalytic converters in addition to the problem Is, thIs logic Is not entirely correct, because the factors affecting the exhaust Is a lot of quality vehicles including fuel, oil and filter the air, and if there Is the phenomenon of burning oil, if the engine Is running normally, if there Is too much Carbon, etc., in fact, are likely to have an impact on the quality of exhaust, these factors should be taken into account, in particular, excessive exhaust just a little bit of time , might do a good job in these areas too, no need to replace catalytic converters.

Of course, catalytic converters, exhaust gas to purify itself play a crucial role, so in emIssions exceeding more serious time, we must first consider it. However, problems arIse catalytic converters can be divided into two categories, poIsoned, that Is to say the remaining combustion reaction lead element, silicon element, etc., through an exhaust pipe at the time of forming a chemical complex, covering the oxygen sensor and catalytic converters, which results in complete failure scrapped, indeed thIs time needs to be replaced, because there Is no way to repair. At thIs time, the oxygen sensorFEATURES white (lead poIsoning) or brown (silicon poIsoning).

Another problem Is Carbon, ternary, and the oxygen sensor, it may be covered with Carbon, particularly Carbon in severe cases, also affects catalytic converters work, the purification efficiency Is lowered, also cause excessive exhaust oxygen sensor when it Is black, the repair work may be performed at thIs time, no need to change, as long as the exhaust pipe Is detached, with the cleaning agent can be cleaned outside of the normal Carbon. In thIs case replace spend thousands of pieces, the owners very worthwhile.

in the daily maintenance of the Car when the exhaust pipe should be maintained as the focus, in particular, the exhaust pipe black Carbon particles has occurred, it should timely washing, to prevent interference sensor and the catalytic converter to work with a three-way catalyst can usually cleaning agent, do maintenance.

three-way catalyst and oil cleaning agents as detergent, Is added to the tank, when the Cars, the exhaust pipe may be generated for a certain purification , especially when the Car has black smoke, Carbon particles can be used, it can bring some cleaning effect.

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