Automobile Association announced the 2020 auto production and sales declined year on year, auto 4S shops and auto repairman okay

Automobile Association of Automobile Manufacturers released 2020 economic performance. Data show that in 2020, Car sales were completed, respectively, 25,721,000 and 25,769,000, down 7.5% and 8.2%, respectively, production and sales still on top of the world, but obviously began to decline, the industry downturn, and that downstream dIstributors and practitioners Is what it

to enter the Automotive industry for over a decade, has been buried in hIs work, he did not have to say something. Previously had a hot word called “I speak for myself” on their own, pale unable to speak. About the Automotive industry, I can not speak. However, as a practitioner ten years of maintenance man, I have something to say, the fact that there Is thIs want you to know that some rumors need to be clarified. ThIs Is a professional responsibility, but also an attitude of individuals.

to work, a lot of time customers need to face, explain its function like vehicle maintenance, operation or dIsplay. There are always strange or familiar clients said to me, “Your work Is tiring, but high wages,” I said, “No,” the other party not Willing to say: “there Is always a twenty thousand of it,” I can hear the case only smile representation.

If the first-tier cities or in the capital city, there are a lot of people graduated from the university into the famous enterprIses or foreign companies, or working for several years promoted management, more elite front-line sales, a twenty thousand pieces a month Is really too commonplace, but for a maintenance technician-level managers or general 4S shop, heard these words can only say it Is too surprIsed, others how do you say? Auto 4S shops have so you make money, maintenance treatment of workers there are so okay? Look at jobs

generally mature technicians, the general luxury brand 4S stores Will be about seven or eight thousand, general brand also about five thousand dollars, whatever you do for a few years, as long as do Car maintenance, treatment Is not thIs kind. When asked to select the external customers reduce maintenance or neglect lower maintenance, vehicle usage and mileage, Car continuously improve the quality, 4S after-sales service business stagnation; when lower industry boom, when the doorStores do not make money, and many people still imagine how deep the water Car 4 house, how good treatment of employees, how embarrassing first-line maintenance of the master of the situation, it Is obvious.

As we all know, the traditional Auto industry a few at a surplus situation, vehicle production Is so big, but also implemented in the case of intentional control of production capacity . If Car manufacturers can sell to make money, vehicle production Will now much better than large. Now people come to buy a Car, the price Is favorable, but also to send the favorable maintenance, insurance, delivery and decorating, and other collectables. For a fancy Car, not to say expensive (because manufacturers guide price Is given, because customers generally come in advance also clear some of the market), but said: “The only offer thousands of dollars, so send something, too little, and you too dark, hundreds of thousands of Car was so little points, earn too much.

took one hundred thousand vehicles , even if the guide price Is traded, also earned thousands of dollars, even less favorable after the loss, while some customers, knowing that the Car has been sold at a loss, and also frequently complained that stores strong push insurance, loans, boutique like, cursed stores bundling. you can not accept the transaction corresponding conditions, can be canceled, no need to trouble ah. thousands of dollars a Car, ninety thousand I sell you Auto insurance requirements are specified in the store to buy, thIs Is very fair ah! you say you want to buy insurance nor to earn your commIssion, but in case the dangerous condition of the insurance company Will take the initiative agreed in vehicle maintenance 4S shop. to say the least, if the insurance company Is not so strong, the customer Will be fine to protect their own interests, after escape from danger in the 4S shop maintenance urged Xiu, who do thIs thankless thing?

4S shop online there Is always a steal for customer parts, accessories shoddy, even deliberately damage the customer vehicle article, 4S shop cursed black people, unscrupulous businessmen, there are always people call “4 son shop” .4S shop at a really ignore, penniless, you really should all be closed? mIssing, no less than what the industry, what people do not dIsadvantages? Besides online stories many of which are one-sided story, there are some out of context behavior.

the fact Is that the vast majority of 4S shops are integrity, standardize operations, acts of bullying off cheating does not exIst. Why? One because integrity Is the survival, 4S shop did not go subjective illegal, offend customers impulse, the two are now greatly improved consumer protection of the rights of self-consciousness, and with OEMs, as well as social media industry Dushu concern, also contributed to the 4S shop legal compliance management. For those suspected of maintenance personnel in the maintenance process for customers substitution of vehicle parts (the customer Car parts removed to put on good and bad), the maintenance man suspected of not changing the oil when maintenance or replace waste oil customer, I direct doubt hIs intelligence or motivation. Of course, I believe that oil may have forgotten to change the case, but that Is where there should be a mIsunderstanding or mIstake, there Is no subjective intentional behavior. ThIs Is an adult walking on a flat road might Wei feet Is the same type of thing.

4S shop rely on to survive it, not by saving one customer maintenance materials (which have to take much rIsk, a bottle of oil, compared to 4S shop reputation and build stores put into operation in order to stabilize it, it really Is sesame and watermelon), but by its superb technology, reliable quality, good Car maintenance and environmental and quality services to win the trust of our customers , thus contributing to their own customers as well as customers affected person into the store consumer was able to survive.

Some owners reaction, 4S shop to check hIs Car for a long time can not check out what the problem Is, I have to click on a friend’s garage handled well, I do not have doubts about the authenticity. Car trouble, said the complex Is not simple, a special case can never be used to prove anything. United States soccer team at the 2002 World Cup back to reveal the face, whether it Is very good. 4S have improved detection equipment and technical data, there are rigorous technical training and assessment, also behind the OEM technical support, we Will be as good as the outside of the repair shop do? Some people would say, how you want to repair 4S shop for so long, much slower than outside, and thIs Is indeed yes. But outside the premIse does not give you to put a positive production parts, and not well repaired, Is not it?

our spare parts supply, our processes, we need to determine a reasonable fee and the corresponding reasonable time to complete a full vehicle maintenance. Outside the repair shop can give you a book to deputy plant parts within a day, and then to maximize the benefits of overtime to give you the fastest time to get out. but weNo, we need to wait out the accessories two to three days of arrival we Will need to work overtime, but we Will not let our master work late, tired and he may be wrong, they can not work overtime all night . Behind a long time because we are a little responsible for the maintenance of vehicles of equal treatment for all customers. As you into the queue in front of you Is faster, but overall did not fast. By the way, do out on the spray paint are pasted Newspaper, and we want to paint pieces to be removed, a good spray and then refitted up, it can be the same time? Finally, talk about improve operational efficiency, minimum occupancy time customers are pursuing our own benefit.


a lot of people to repair the master of treatment, I said look here. We do maintenance technicians, usually according to the commIssion’s work. That service technician group as a unit to accomplIsh the same amount of work, access to work. Then extract a certain percentage of wages as working hours inside, dIstributed to members. We repair mechanical and electrical part of the team (in charge of vehicle maintenance and troubleshooting), Sheet Metal team (removable vehicle accessories, interior and dIstortion repair), paint class team (responsible for vehicle paint spraying and spraying the surface pre-treatment), general do some sheet metal painted high wages, do mechanical and electrical maintenance (technical, troubleshooting) Is lower, which indirectly illustrates the technology Is not so worthless, at least not very good attention.

in a team which, generally have a leader, a great work (or work), one or two unskilled laborer (or apprentice), take the head bulk, you can get five thousand, and do maintenance team leader, it normally takes more than five years. The maintenance apprentice to team leader five years, of course you are tired, but also to learn, but can only take one or two thousand, two or three thousand of wages, as staff, general workers. Of course, in the capital city, because the maintenance man charged higher maintenance units times more, often work overtime, group leaders can take the number eight thousand. I know a friend like thIs, he has thirteen years practitioners.

our chefs sheet metal, to be well versed in all models dIsassembly repair process, technology, should with the upgrading models of learning, but also the largest limit in doing the repair Debu leaving any traces, (you know who chafed skin Will leave a sCar block it?) work requires a high degree of concentration and meticulous, A large workload. For example, a removable bumper, only fifty or sixty dollars working hours (one to two hours, if the bumper Is the kind of comes with many accessories, like the much longer time to trim.), Something over 10 dollars commIssion, another example Is generally two hundred-for-one door, there Is less than fifty dollars (at least to three hours, for door to door demolition Phi, door handles, harness, lock motors, lifts, glass, and each kinds of tape, stickers, etc.). Our sheet metal shop, also more than five thousand points.

and a little bit easier the painting work, the team leader can get eight thousand, five or six thousand average others. Wage a little high, but exposure to dust, paint and other harmful substances every day, things should be wearing a mask, masks, gloves. Difficult to get a sense of

both mechanical and electrical, sheet metal, paint technician, when the qualification, technology has reached a certain degree of cook team leader, was promoted up or continue more money, Is very, very difficult, which Is Why a lot of doing for ten years, ten years or even more than two decades technicians, treatment Will not grow exponentially. Of course, if a person Is very motivated, continuous learning, technology Is very good, service Is also well done, and soon was promoted to management, treatment barely passable. However, under the current market environment, thousands of rarely. Technical maintenance as well as the origin, 4S shop manager to do, it Is very difficult, and to do general manager, Is almost impossible.

These technicians, or Is the repair has been, or Is the middle of a Career change, or their own business a few doors. But the self Is not easy to shop, a variety of maintenance facade too much, too messy. No quality, no features, are there that price, fight luck. In fact, outside of the repair shop, few are legal norms. No qualifications, environmental non-compliance, service quality Is difficult to guarantee that thIs year you repair the Car next year you find most people go to shop has become. If the government Will strictly regulation, then Car repair shop, a lot of shops are not open, they want to close.

had a client a few years are not into the store, and called to let us go to her for a spare tire, when we say, should be charged. (Walk five kilometers to go but at least come back for goodTo more than one hour, we charge 50 yuan, but also symbolic charge a small fee costs, in fact, can not cover the costs) old and there Is not happy, you are not free rescue you, how to make money, but also threatened to complain we! Ah man Is very selfIsh, always want people to free themselves of the service, unconditional turn themselves around. Do not think, in the world where there Is a free lunch, there Is, we can not always rely on it, not because one day gone to anger opposite.

If the company does not charge, no money, no company went out early, how can Care for your Car if it’s bad. Of course, you can find a roadside shop, friend, but the problem Is coming, friends do not maintain, roadside shops give you relief Will not do for money? Come and friends can do, but also how much time do as good a roadside shop to do, as fast as it used to?

some customers, the service life of the battery, and has been recommended for not lIstening, no electricity, the Car hit the rescue phone told us to go take power, just do not change the battery. There Is a power called us to take, set the stage opened to outside repair shop for go.

spent hundreds of hundreds of thousands to buy a Car, then the Car depreciate 10,000 to tens of thousands per year in fuel costs a few thousand to tens of thousands of insurance in the thousands to tens of thousands, did not mind. But for two or three thousand dollars a year the amount of Car maintenance, but Care about. Likes to say 4S repair shop than outside the factory a few hundred dollars that you really do not know how to think. Although the Car Is a vehicle, in fact, our loyal partners, should take good Care of. There Is, on the outside you repair it, repair it! Do not always fix it outside, bad repair shop downtown on to the Car what the poor quality of service Is good for a free class.

want of Care and concern of others in the community move less and less, more social and more fair, reasonable and tolerant.