Automobile air-conditioning, in the end Is “burning oil” or “power”? User: regret buying the wrong car

Automobile air-conditioning, in the end Is “burning oil” or “power”? User: regret buying the wrong Car

and now Is the annual summer for the owner of the South, the kind of sultry air, even fans, also can not save us, the only way to open air-conditioned cab, Is that we should stay in place. But then, many owners are curious, especially the novice owners, there Is often a question, like fuel vehicles, basically gas-guzzling, air-conditioning that also Why such appliances it? Of course, some older drivers should be aware that there Is a Car battery. Well, you know, the Car’s air conditioning, in the end Is “burning oil” or “power”? Friends, said: regret buying the wrong Car!

First of all, we talk about the most common fuel vehicles, fuel vehicles air conditioning, really Is “burning oil”. In fact, air-conditioning on the Car, there are some special, everyone should know that even if it was winter, after launching the Car Will produce some heat, so in winter when the Car heating no power, no fuel. Available in the summer time, fuel, air-conditioned Car, it Is actually driven by the engine, after all, all the energy, basically can convert each other, even if the kinetic energy can be converted into electrical energy.

Secondly, it Is pure electric vehicles, there Is no doubt that air conditioning Is “power”, so in the summer time, a pure electric Car’s battery life Will be greatly reduced, after all, who can bear it no air conditioning in the cockpit? But then, compared to open in winter heating, electric Cars and air conditioners in the summer power consumption, in fact, even less, because the use of air conditioning when the Car can be achieved outside the loop, so little power consumption, when in in the winter, if the Car air conditioner also the outer loop, then I am afraid you put frozen into popsicles.

Finally, there Is a hybrid vehicle, in the summer time, it uses the air conditioning, it also means “power” of pure electric vehicles when compared to power consumption, have to be lower. But in the winter, then open heating hybrid vehicles, energy consumption in fact, can also burn oil, the overall cost Is higher than fuel vehicles, but lower than pure electric vehicles. But relative toHe said post-maintenance costs of hybrid vehicles more expensive and therefore most of the domestic Car prices of new energy, or in the manufacture of pure electric vehicles.

For some users, it had chosen pure electric vehicles, Is to save fuel, but in the summer when air conditioning use has led to decreased mileage, so are I feel regret buying the wrong Car. So, you support the elimination of fuel Car?