Auto Warranty knowledge seventy-nine series: three bags of repairs and returned the car, the car Will have to get the 4S store?

Case Description

Tangshan City, Hebei Province a consumer vehicle sales showrooms to buy, purchase invoices are also Issued by the Automobile trade company. Abnormal sound of the vehicle engine fault repeatedly in the warranty period, due to the Automobile trade company does not have the ability to repair, so consumers find a nearby 4S shop for inspection after. After much investigation and repairs, the 4S shop said it could not find the cause of the malfunction, advIsed consumers to buy Cars Qimao maintenance vehicles. After the engine knock problem consumers find again the 4S shop, 4S shop of the person in charge of after-sales service consumers rejected the request. Then consumers to vehicle repair for more than 35 days on the grounds that the requested transfer 4S shop, 4S shop represent their Car Is not sold, and consumers can not change.


“family Car product repair, replacement, return liability” Article XII: sellers sell product family Car shall comply with the following requirements 🙁 f) expressly agreed by the producer repairer name, address and telephone number and other data repair outlets, but not limit consumers to choose repairer repair outlets in the above.

Article 21: in the family Car product warranty period, due to product quality problems repair time accumulated more than 35 days, or for the same product quality problems accumulated over five repair times, consumers can determine their three bags of documents, purchase invoices, responsible for replacement by the seller.

of opinion

According to “Car Three Guarantees” requirement, consumers in the repair period, you can choose any one producer authorized 4S shop maintenance vehicles, 4S shop can not refuse. However, if the vehicle reaches returned condition, in accordance with the contractual relationship, the consumer should contact the seller to coordinate returned the Car matters.